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  1. K

    CITYVILLE friends

    i cant add friends but i dont have any quests either , havent had any for days !!
  2. K

    Harry Potter Lego help w Balisk

    i havent got to the end of year 2 yet i am still trying to kill malfoy in the dual i have been trying for hours and cant seem to make a dent in killing him...any suggestions
  3. K

    Cityville friends

    im having issues with friends, have heaps on the facebook game version but none for the ipad, friend requests dont show up on facebook anyway for the ipad version. why ??? but i am looking for friends if we work out how
  4. K

    Lego Harry Potter year 1-4

    Hi I am stuck in chamber of secrets borgin and burks can't get the last head Thingy help if u can
  5. K


    I am new to the forum have no idea what I'm doing so please help I am currently playing Harry potter Lego and stuck on chamber of secrets in borgin and burks can't work out how to get the little head Thingy help please anyone
  6. K

    Lego Harry Potter year 1-4

    When the owl starts blinking tap on it and then you get some potion it took me a couple of goes