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    5.1 killing battery in ipad 2

    Since updated to 5.1, I watched my battery use plummet from 8-10 hours down to about 2-3 tops! This happened instantly after upgrading. It now takes about 6-8 hours to charge the device. I can literally watch the battery drain away like an hourglass. Very disappointed.
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    Battery charge jumped from 60% to 100%!!!

    5.1 has taken my battery usage from 8-10 hours or heavy use downtown about 2-3 hours. Also,it now take almost 6-8 hours to charge the device. VERY disappointed.
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    Ipad 2

    And the bizarre thing's takes longer to charge now!
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    Ipad 2

    Anyone else seeing a bigger drain on the battery? Seems like it had the opposite effect of what it was supposed to accomplish ......mine goes from a full charge down to half in about 2 hours... Never did this before I updated....