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  1. cwinter

    Latest rumors see Apple launch the iWatch in October 2014 with wireless charging

    My real question is more along the lines of what the iWatch can actually bring to the table. What is the use scenario? What is the added value? I look at the Samsung Gear watch and wonder why you would pay $300 for a device that, in my opinion, does nothing but provide another small screen on...
  2. cwinter

    New study: iPad use might make children inarticulate

    We needed a study to find this out? Seems common sense...
  3. cwinter

    Apple’s future iWatch might be fitness-oriented

    Not sure why this is even called a watch...if they put four wheels on an iPhone are we calling it a car? I have not seen any feature list on here (other than the fact it can be worn on your wrist) that would compel me to believe that I need this in addition to a cell phone.
  4. cwinter

    Enhance iPad's sound with The Amplifier from BiteMyApple

    I just put my hand right there when I hold the iPad. I should charge $0.99 for that tip. ;-)
  5. cwinter

    BlackBerry CEO Thinks Tablets Will Be Irrelevant Five Years From Now

    I read another article somewhere and it seemed to indicate he meant that margins will be so depressed on tablets that they will be irrelevant for profit generation. They gave an example of an Android device very similar in stats to the iPad mini but at half the price. Low priced devices will...
  6. cwinter

    iPad Continues to Dominate Market, Amidst Increased Competition

    Since it is recent news, recall how the XBOX was belittled when it entered the market, saying the Playstation is King and Nintendo is the next option people choose. With next generation consoles around the corner, the PS4 is the one looking to recover from free-fall and the XBOX is clearly in...
  7. cwinter

    iPad Continues to Dominate Market, Amidst Increased Competition

    Not sure what MS was hoping for, but 7% for a new entrant isn't shabby, as the article indicates. I have not kept up with MS' Surface much, but aren't there several issues holding sales back too? Something about the OS waiting for a major upgrade and the choice is relatively limited to more...
  8. cwinter

    iPad Continues to Dominate Market, Amidst Increased Competition

    I have a feeling the folks in Cupertino aren't reviewing these numbers with the tagline "iPad Continues to Dominate Market"...
  9. cwinter

    What Effect is iPad Use Having on Child Development?

    A 2 month old is not a "toddler". Not too long ago, I saw an article from a reputable source (American Pediatric Association or something like that), that urged parents to continue enforcing screen time rules and reminded us, that any screen counts, not just TV. Phones, tablets,
  10. cwinter

    US Senator fights for the right to use the iPad from takeoff to landing

    Boy, stop watching Mythbusters. They're not professionals, you know? The FCC mandated maximum transmission power of mobiles phones is restricted to 200 mW. This corresponds to 23 dBm. Every doubling of the user-base will raise the dBm maximum emissions by 3 dB. Hence, for 1 user it is 23 dBm...
  11. cwinter

    US Senator fights for the right to use the iPad from takeoff to landing

    I'm glad our politicians are tackling the most pressing issues the country faces, such as not being able to use ones iPad at all stages of the flight; an issue affecting the vast majority of the people and causing incomprehensible grief and anguish. I feel my tax dollars are being spent wisely.
  12. cwinter

    iPad Still Most Desired Tablet

    I agree, which is why I think the poll is flawed. Clearly, sales don't support the Nook not even being mentioned and Google selling half the tablets for Blackberry, or ASUS selling half of Dell.
  13. cwinter

    iPad Still Most Desired Tablet

    You can make statistics say whatever you want them to say. That doesn't make them useful though. In a poll that asks brand preference and the second highest answer is "I don't know", I'd venture to say the results are not very reliable. As I stated before, a preference poll to me is more...
  14. cwinter

    iPad Still Most Desired Tablet

    Not all all! What is highly questionable is saying that the results show the iPad is the most desirable tablet. It'd be like asking people to name a brand of facial tissue. The overwhelming answer will be Kleenex, which is synonymous for the type of product. That does not make it the most...
  15. cwinter

    iPad Still Most Desired Tablet

    I call nonsense on this poll, though most polls are nonsense. I can't find the exact methodology of the testing in any of the articles, but to me the question "What brand table do you plan to buy?" is meaningless unless it is preceed with "Are you planning to buy a table in the near term...
  16. cwinter

    BMW Inspired by Apple Customer Service to Use iPads and Geniuses in Showrooms

    Any car showroom needs these people. Most sales people I come across know very little about the cars they sell, particularly what a feature does, what option combinations exist, or even just the basic specs of the drive train. Same is true for the service departments, unfortunately...
  17. cwinter

    New York Times Says iPad Mini is “By Far the Best iPad.â€

    I have no interest in a small tablet. I don't care what the NY times tells me, the screen is too small for a laptop replacement, and that is what my tablet is. End of story.
  18. cwinter

    IOS 6 won't let me update "apps"

    Everything is back to normal again for me. Some issue with the app store I'm sure that needed resolving. Sometimes, it just doesn't work. ;)
  19. cwinter

    IOS 6 won't let me update "apps"

    I'm happy to report that after weeding through threads on the Apple Forum I found a simple solution to my issue. Again, what I see is that I hit "update" on an app. For a split-second the progress bar appears on the app icon and the Internet activity "wheel" spins at the top and then the bar...
  20. cwinter

    IOS 6 won't let me update "apps"

    I have the same issue since today. Unable to download any updates for certain apps. I can download a few random free apps but for some reason not Facebook (and a random game I have). If I delete Facebook, I cannot reinstall it. Here is what I have done: - Restarted iPad numerous times. -...
  21. cwinter

    Post your favorite questions to Siri...

    No matter what my two year old says to Siri, all Siri ever understands is either "are" or "Or, or, or". My two year old gets a kick out of it. Most of my requests are completed by "Let me try a web search." I can see this being useful on the iPhone and all but overall Siri doesn't seem that...
  22. cwinter

    Here’s What Features Your iDevice Gets With iOS 6

    And with Mondaine considering legal action against Apple for using their iconic watch design without permission for the clock app, we may get that one removed for iOS7 as well. Stripping features between these devices is really weak...
  23. cwinter

    IOS 6 size? And itunes match stream?

    My guess is that the 760 MB indicated during the download on the iPad 3 is not the true size on disk once installed. The 760 MB is likely compressed for download and the final toll on the device will be larger. Best I can tell, after the update, I have just as much space available as before...
  24. cwinter

    Here’s What Features Your iDevice Gets With iOS 6

    What bugs me most is the fact that iOS being run on the iPhone, iPad, iPod is supposed to bring uniformity across the devices. Which makes it strange why you would specifically omit certain features from one device and not the other. Take Passbook for example. Why not on the iPad? I agree it is...
  25. cwinter

    Here’s What Features Your iDevice Gets With iOS 6

    And here is what is inexplicably still missing on the iPad: - Weather (especially now with Notification Center integration on iPhone) - Stocks (especially now with Notification Center integration on iPhone) - Calculator Why does Apple think iPad users do not like these features? If I replace...
  26. cwinter

    How do I test the Battery in my newly Bought iPad-3 ?

    Instead of wondering on here what you can do to "check" your battery, couldn't you have just used the iPad and figured out if it is behaving? :rolleyes: Battery issues usually rear their ugly head quickly and you will figure out if you got a dud or not. Mine holds up 3-4 days with moderate...
  27. cwinter

    Looking for a decent ipad 3 case?

    I have the Targus Slim Case, which I prefer to the Vuscape. The Vuscape just stuck to the corners too much so when I wanted to prop it up in landscape mode it was a real struggle to get it to work. The slim case just flips the cover back flat when you hold it and props up very easily for typing...
  28. cwinter

    Best apps for iPad

    The app store has a section for that called "iPad Essentials" or something to that tune. Just poke around. Also, there are plenty of well known websites (CNET, PCMag, etc etc) that have lists like this. In the end, individual tastes will vary, but that is what I did when I got the iPad. In fact...
  29. cwinter

    First video Skype call"

    Not sure how to help with your issue, however, with my iPad 3 running 5.1.1 I have had no issues whatsoever with Skype. In fact, it seems to work better than on my wife's Asus Transformer and the quality is really good to the point where I don't bother using the computer for it anymore. Only...
  30. cwinter

    iPad Mini Could Eventually Outsell the Regular-Sized iPad

    While I think a mini would be highly successful, I'd say the main reason for it would simply be the expected lower price point. If I'm already owning an iPad, I have no clue what compel me to fork out another $300 for a smaller version of the same thing.
  31. cwinter

    Crazy question

    Pics or it didn't happen...
  32. cwinter

    Disappeared apps??

    Isn't there an option inside the app store where you can see what apps you purchased previously to download them again? Might be tedious but an option. This should also show free apps you downloaded before. Another option is to head back to the Apple store and let the Genius figure it out. ;)
  33. cwinter

    Screen protector

    I use a case that protects the back and of course flaps over the screen for magnetic on and off. I see no reason for a screen protector. When the pad goes in the laptop bag the screen is protected. When it is not in use, the screen is protected. When I use it, I just sit there and run my finger...
  34. cwinter

    Where to buy ???

    The Apple store for sure should stock both, but might be best to call ahead to make sure they have the exact one you want in stock. Otherwise, just order it through the online store and wait a few days to get it.
  35. cwinter

    Crazy question

    There is probably info out there but what you need is: - Ability to freely write anything you want to the file system - Documentation on the processor to understand how to address it and hence write an OS that properly addresses the processor. There is no "Developer Kit" that let's you write...
  36. cwinter

    Perhaps the Maps Icon will be fixed in the final iOS 6 release ;-)

    Sometimes you just gotta laugh. :D Apple Maps Will Kill You If Followed Literally | The Daily Feed |
  37. cwinter

    New Apple Smartcover

    I have the Targus slim case and am very satisfied with it. While the front cover is not as easily "hooked" into the flap at the back to use it as a stand as unrolling the smart cover, I like the feel of it and it really does retain mostly the thinness of the iPad while adding a hardshell back...
  38. cwinter

    Restrict access to Kids

    My understanding of "Guided Access" in iOS 6 from today's keynote seems to be something that will enable you to do this. It specifically mentions also limiting access to the iPad in a classroom setting, or to limit what a user in general can do on it. Now if they only had separate user IDs as well!
  39. cwinter


    There are plenty out there and I looked at a few but most were not what I was looking for. They were too bulky, had too many apps, or just flat out too little info. I had hoped to find just an app that shows the schedule and no results, as I will DVR the games and watch at night, but could not...
  40. cwinter

    Get FULL Android or Windows 8 on iPad?

    Exactly. Reminds me of people on the Ford Mustang forum asking how to modify their V6 Mustang to be as fast as the V8 Mustang GT. Well, the cheapest way to do that is to just get the Mustang GT in the first place! :lol: You're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It can happen with...