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    My Bluetooth headset works with airplay !

    They are connected via Bluetooth but they show up in the airplay tab. Had no idea they worked before. I have had the headset for a few years sitting on the shelf n tried to connect them to the pad last night and was pleased that they worked I just thought I would share.
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    My Bluetooth headset works with airplay !

    Update the headset now is working flawlessly volume , pause, play and skip all work with very thing just tested on a few games and works great.
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    My Bluetooth headset works with airplay !

    I'm not sure if anyone knows yet but the Motorola s9 Bluetooth headset also now works with air play via the VLC player and the iPod . Have not used it in any games yet. But works quite well. Well over ten feet away it still sounds great I can walk around the house and not be tied to anything...
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    4.2 When?

    According to Macstories a new Itunes will be out tomorrow and 4.2 on friday. iTunes 10.1 and OS X 10.6.5 Coming Tomorrow, iOS 4.2 On Friday at 10 AM PST
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    iTunes syncing issues 4.2 GM

    According to Macstories a new Itunes will be out tomorrow. iTunes 10.1 and OS X 10.6.5 Coming Tomorrow, iOS 4.2 On Friday at 10 AM PST
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    Why iTunes on your PC?

    You will still need the laptop from time to time. You sometimes need to load stuff threw iTunes to apps like PDF readers you will need to load that PDF to the app threw iTunes. I have been able to stay away from the laptop for quite a long time but do need it once in a while.
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    Any decent free iPad games?

    Yep cut the rope is a blast but the lite is free and short and worth the money if you wish to buy it.
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    Hulu vs netflix

    netflix 100% the best.
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    4.1 vs 3.2.2

    Apple obviously had issues with the Jailbreak and seen what we wanted and is trying to give us what we really want. Some of the stuff is simple stuff that should have been there from the start. I kind of get a felling they were not quit done tweaking the Pad yet but pushed it to marked anyway...
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    Epic Citadel Unreal Engine 3 Demo Now Available as Free Download in App Store

    Not much to do in the demo but it looks like it will be a really nice game . Defiantly going to pick it up once it's out and see what it's all about.
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    Camara kit problem

    I have this same problem. :o
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    Ivyskin Quattro T-5 or Otterbox defender?

    Ok so I got the Otterbox Defender case in the mail Saturday. I must say this thing is really nice it fits great and makes it feel really tough. The screen protector was easy to install and work like its not even there . It is really easy to clean alot easier than the glass was. It does add quite...
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    WARNING!!! iOS 3.2.2

    Any idea what they fixed?
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    Are you an Apple Fanatic? What Apple products do you own?

    Dang bro you got it all. Gen 2 Ipod New Nano 8gb 32 gb IPad Wi-Fi only Wish I could afford more but that’s it.
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    Ipad's free stickers

    I am saving them for when I get a new car.
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    I made me a Ipad stand

    Ok so I am the kind of person who would rather make something than pay for it so this is what I made a stand for my IPad and my wish it was a IPhone.Both are portable they just come apart and both are made of UHMW I am a waterjet operator and a AutoCAD man so yea I think of stuff I can make and...
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    Ivyskin Quattro T-5 or Otterbox defender?

    Hum I probably should have checked them out before I ordered that lol oh well always have been happy with there products so I am sure this will be the same.
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    Ivyskin Quattro T-5 or Otterbox defender?

    I ordered the otterbox defender this last weekend so I will post up what I think once it shows up.
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    cadTouch R3 for ipad is here...

    Please let us know how this works. I am very interested in this it looks like something I can use every day. I am in the industrial field and am out in the field a lot taking detentions for adding new equipment , conveyers and that kinda stuff this would shave a lot time of getting stuff into...
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    Can post from PC, but not from iPad ?

    Is the Atomic browser better then the Safari ? If so what makes it so?
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    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    I have not had a issue one with my wi-fi this thing runs better than anything in my house. It is of course less than 15 hrs old but runs great and is a wi-fi only model.
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    Its EZ from Sacramento

    No I got it at the roseville galleria I live I fair oaks so that's the closer one for me but good guess that was where I was going to go till I found out the galleria had a apple store in it. The place was packed the had plenty ipads and was out of ther in less then ten Min. I must say only a...
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    Its EZ from Sacramento

    Thank you I will def check that out. I have owned about 5 IPods down threw the years and have always loved them I expect this will be no different.
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    Its EZ from Sacramento

    Good morning everyone EZ from Sacramento CA here. Been a member for a few weeks and been a stalker of the site for even longer. Today Should be the day I go pick up a :ipad-front: I called my local Apple store and they said they had what I wanted in stock so after work today I am going to be...