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  1. philc712

    Why I didn't wait for the iPad killers

    I'm not waiting for the iPad Killer as thee won't be one. There will be competitive products but just as with the concept of the "next killer application", nonsense. There will be some new "killer/cool" products and apps. But non will kill the iPad. Evolution of technology may at some point...
  2. philc712

    Apple's iPad Battery Replacement Policy

    I have an iPod that is older than available Apple Care will cover. I to have wanted a new iPod and bought one. However I don't think "wanting a new model" while the currenly owned older model's battery is difficult or expensive to change is not a good reason to be forced to get a new model.
  3. philc712

    What other Apple products do you own?

    Silver G4. qty 2 iPod Touch 32GB (Fall 09 h/w). Ipod classic 60GB, qty 3 iPod Mini, iPod nano (4th Gen). iPod Photo. The iPod 32's and iPod 60GB are all still in my household. The others have been passed to friends/family. I also have an old slate grey MacBook from way way back. I'll also toss...