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  1. J

    iPad App Prices - Sticker Shock

    Not THAT bad! I don't think prices are THAT bad, and they will come down. If an APP is too pricey I just don't buy it. There is a decent selection of stuff for .99 to 2.99, and many books on iBooks are $9.99 - MUCH less than you'd pay for the hardcover in the store, for example. Plus there...
  2. J

    iPod on iPad - video/movies not showing up!

    Duh! Holy cow! I'm an idiot! LOL! Thanks. There it is!
  3. J

    iPod on iPad - video/movies not showing up!

    Though it appears in my iTunes library under music videos and movies, a music video I just bought doesn't appear in my iPod on my iPad. If I use the iPad general search I can find it -- but there is no movies tab in my iPod on my iPad, and the video doesn't show up anywhere else. When I use...