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  1. Dav

    Ipad/iPhone photography.

    Hey guys I'm a keen amateur photographer, and love to take pictures with my ipad/iPhone as much as I do with my dedicated set up. So I've set up a facebook page where people can post/showcase there pictures, get hints tips ect and just enjoy each other photos. So I'd love it if you could all nip...
  2. Dav

    What are you reading now?

    John o Farrell, the man who forgot his wife, I've just stared so can't comment much on the book, but I love the author so I'm hopeful for a good read.
  3. Dav

    iPad 3 top games give me yours

    I'm currently playing the room, a puzzle game that makes brilliant use of the iPad touch controls, the game gets the brain working but the game is very short still worth a look.
  4. Dav

    benefits of having the new ipad versus 2

    Good thread I've been thinking about upgrading from my iPad 1 I always skip a model, really want to upgrade but really happy with the iPad I have, don't really need It for gaming use my new PS VITA so really struggling to find a excuse to buy one :-/.
  5. Dav


    Welcome to the forum, glad to hear your enjoying your iPad.
  6. Dav

    New member

    Welcome to the site. Enjoy your iPad 2. Wait why am I saying that ofcorse you will enjoy it :D
  7. Dav

    Your most used app? 1. 2. 3.

    1.Safari manager handheld
  8. Dav

    Don't even try comparing any other free gaming app to this game...

    Ok to save this turning into a debate about the game i will keep my review to myself :p
  9. Dav

    Don't even try comparing any other free gaming app to this game...

    I'm just downloading this game now and tonight after work I will have a play and do am mini review :)
  10. Dav

    What is your job???

    Offshore oil and gas field.
  11. Dav

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Yes get full Internet and sky tv. We also have all the new movies that are just out in the cinema, I must have over 2 terabyte of movies from just 2010/2011 so all new. And yes technology is great :-D
  12. Dav

    Is Apple Planning to Launch iPad 3 with 2560X1920 Display This Year?

    I tend to skip a gen always have right from the first iPhone, so i hope they would bring it out then I can get the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 in the same month oh yes please :-D
  13. Dav

    Arranging apps

    Can you not only move one app at a time anyway? :s
  14. Dav

    iPad2: no sound when typing, email arrives/sent, etc

    Glad you got the isssue sorted out, that is easily down when removing or Putting iPad into tight sleeve.
  15. Dav

    Lucky Cash Out HD!!

    I will have a look at this, for those who don't like spending a lot this is up your street it's priced at 59p :)
  16. Dav

    Favorite free games?

    Battlefield via edited by moderator...... Oh sorry is that looked down upon :D
  17. Dav

    Just a big hi

    Hello and welcome, I hope you will find everything you need to know and want to know about your iPad.
  18. Dav

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Well hayles it's ok most of the time, the only gripe I really have is, after you have done your 12 hour shift there is nowhere to go and not a lot to do, the I'm on is a 45 min helicopter ride from land so it's not to far but to get here vie got to fly Newcastle to Amsterdam then Amsterdam...
  19. Dav

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Currently sat at work on a oil rig in Norway, home on Friday though back to see the family for hopefully a good 4 weeks :-D.
  20. Dav

    need help with ipad too hot error

    Ok sorry the thread was not more help for you. If I come across an answer/solution i will point you in the direction of it.
  21. Dav

    ipad erased going thru airport security - twice!

    I fly to and from work all year round must go through airports about 20+ times a year no issues at all. maybe speak to apple about this get a replacement unit :)
  22. Dav

    App turns iPad to iPhone!

    If I had a 3G iPad then I would have to do this just for entertainment value lol
  23. Dav

    Hi There!

    Welcome to the Teni very nice to have you with us I'm sorry to hear about your son, get stuck Into the threads and and have a look around there a many helpful people on this site. So what are you waiting for get stuck in!!! And enjoy your iPad when it arrives :) :D
  24. Dav

    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    Some very nice wallpapers there I shall save some of them I like to change all the time keep things fresh.
  25. Dav

    Remember when "Pad" meant something else?

    Note pad in my world to maybe that just a British thing though.
  26. Dav

    Introduction & Help please

    Welcome to the site Gary. Good to have you with us :)
  27. Dav

    need help with ipad too hot error

    Hi topaz. There is a thread here that disscusses this issue not sure if a solution was found not had time to read the thread but maybe worth a look. Link:
  28. Dav

    Hi - I'm new

    Welcome to the site enjoy :)
  29. Dav

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    There is only really one word to answer "NO" would not have it any other way.
  30. Dav

    Buying an ipad in the UK

    well i just went into my local apple store on the off chance and asked for a ipad and low and behold they had every model in stock, so its worth a shot.
  31. Dav

    Buying an ipad in the UK

    i have never had anything deleverd from pc world so i can not comment on there service, have you not got any apple stores in your area? maybe take a walk down and see if they can get you one :)
  32. Dav

    VRIN: ten mortal gods FREE till Aug 1st

    Thanks for posting this, I've just finished sh*t my dad says (awsome by the way) so might have to give this ago.
  33. Dav

    Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

    just started reading this 2 days ago while at work and just about finished it today, i must say this is a must have, very easy reading also. very funny, i can safely say i will be reading this one more then once. :)
  34. Dav

    How do you change the iPad's name??

    Yes rob correct just give it a click and it will highlight and then you can change it.
  35. Dav

    HD vs DVD video quality

    I'm just in the process now of putting a standard DVD and a HD DVD on to see how big the difference is. EDIT: I've just converted carriers blu-ray and carriers DVD and played them both on my iPad and my verdict is......stick to DVD the quality on blu-Ray in my eyes is not worth the bigger file...
  36. Dav

    Download Free ebooks

    Yes and righty so the faster the word gets out the better :), maybe we need some guides? On all things iPad that could be posted by the users for the users?
  37. Dav

    iphone use since buying ipad

    My phone is only getting used less around the house but if I'm out and about the iPhone is still top dog :D.
  38. Dav

    I can see my iPad addiction getting expensive!

    Hello holly I know just what you mean, I'm always looking In the iBook store and app store I have to just resist and hit the home button haha.
  39. Dav

    Winterboard for iPad

    Battery drain is the main thing I want to find out about many different people say different things so guess I will just have to try it for myself and see how it is.
  40. Dav

    Winterboard for iPad

    So from what we can gather it does work but has some little flaws as you said you can not get boss paper to work well.