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    iPad 7 no touch response

    Could you take it to an Apple store ? They would maybe at least diagnose the problem.
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    Odd Circumstances

    I would also turn Bluetooth off if you’re not using it.
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    Ipad air 2 problem

    Good result.
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    Ipad air 2 problem

    First thing I would do is try it with a proper charger.
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    All my storage is being used for other

    That is really strange I’m happy it’s sorted but honestly you shouldn’t have to buy a third party program to fix it.
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    All my storage is being used for other

    I wouldn’t despair just yet there are people on here who know more than I ever will they will reply.
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    All my storage is being used for other

    Hmmm that one is very strange I thought a complete fresh install got rid of everything so maybe it’s when you put your cloud stuff back on ?
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    Vanishing I-pad notes

    There’s a hard core of posters on here who are worth their weight in gold for info and help just putting a shout out for you guys :D
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    That is very strange.
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    iPadOS 14

    When I put pictures on forums the pictures were in order of when I took them now they just seem random it’s a pain.
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    iPad Feature Wish List

    I would like a better battery life.
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    iPadOS 14

    I’m just installing 14:2 wish me luck.
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    One third of the page

    I love an easy fix.
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    Battery not charging well

    Stupid question but you do check Bluetooth is off ?
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    Latest OS versions - discussions

    The problem I mentioned earlier has been sorted with the bug fix happy days.
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    Latest OS versions - discussions

    It’s annoying after updating when using places like Amazon or a news site if your halfway down a page and click on something when you swipe back it goes to top of page and you have to scroll right down again just to get where you were.
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    Ipad 7

    Why does this site always have not secure at the top ?
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    Latest OS versions - discussions

    My iPad had an update yesterday I wasn’t really paying attention as I was busy but I’m sure I glimpsed something about Covid 19 and no need for an app.
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    What to Do, Experts?

    After all you’ve been through you didn’t think of changing the router password ?
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    How to clean iPad screen

    No probs at all chum.
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    How to clean iPad screen

    Why is it funny ?
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    How to clean iPad screen

    I wouldn’t worry about what Apple recommend I’ve used household glass cleaner on 3 IPads over about 8 years and never had a problem.
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    How to clean iPad screen

    If that doesn’t help a little WD40 on a cloth should get it off then clean the screen as above.
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    How to clean iPad screen

    Could be sticky residue,I clean mine with a good microfibre cloth and glass cleaner,don’t spray onto the screen spray onto the cloth,buff up with a clean microfibre,hope it helps.
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    Biggest App Scam or Biggest Developer Goof?

    That’s awful who in their right mind would allow that ?
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    Couple Of Small Problems

    How very strange my National Lottery app has this morning mysteriously regained the picture.
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    Accidentally erased the Notes App on new Mini IPad 4

    Very true but I deleted my National Lottery app and later downloaded it again now my app has no picture in it and looks very odd on the screen I’ve not been able to sort this one out.
  28. Q

    Should I update to iOS 12.1.1?

    Me too get it updated it will be fine.
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    Couple Of Small Problems

    I tried that it's just the same yes the app works as it should I'm still not winning :D really appreciate the help.
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    Couple Of Small Problems

    here’s a screenshot of the icon it’s bottom left,excellent camera on this pad.
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    Couple Of Small Problems

    Ahhh that explains a lot thank you,wonder why the lotto icon is missing ? I know it’s only a small thing I just wanted this new iPad perfect,still getting used to it the operating system is light years from the old one,thanks again for the help scifan 57.
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    Couple Of Small Problems

    Thanks for the welcome and the reply,yes went to the App Store after deleting from iPad but it has the cloud symbol I think saying it’s stored in the cloud as a back up,I wanted to delete it completely and install it fresh.
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    Couple Of Small Problems

    Hi guys new here hope this is the correct section,these are small issues but they are niggling me,the IPad is a 6 generation and has copied my data from my old IPad 2 including the apps it had on,my National Lottery app icon now doesn’t have the logo but a circle with lines through it a bit like...