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    Who's camping right now!!!!

    At Florida Mall Orlando Apple Store, got 8 in preorder line and 25 in standby. Should interesting.
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    Live coverage from San Francisco Apple Store

    At the Orlando Florida Mall at 7:15am Eastern, the line had 10 pre-orders and about 25-standby folks. Same thing here, Apple employees making tons of noise setting up the new display. Trying to pass the word about
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    Hey Liz, Fellow Ipad Forum Member and Floridian, Looks like I am going to head to Florida Mall...

    Hey Liz, Fellow Ipad Forum Member and Floridian, Looks like I am going to head to Florida Mall on Saturday. I am going to try to be there 6ish to get in line... I'd be willing to make a deal with ya. If you wanted to, I could let you hop in line with me. Let me know. You can reach on...
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    Affordable mobile wifi

    I have used cradle point and also used a netgear and a linksys. Personally, I like the cradlepoint MDR1000 because it can take the card as well as USB. However, the Netgear was far easier to use with my USB modem.
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    iPad in-store pick up list

    I made a mistake in thinking I was going to Orlando on that day, but could not cancel my preorder. I had reserved in Tampa, so not sure where I am going to be.
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    New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I am thinking about going with the 64MB WiFi model.
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    New Member

    Hi, My name is David and I am hopeful soon to be iPad owner. I currently use a PC base system and wife and I own iPhones and iPods. I really appreciate the adminsitrator creating this forum.
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    How do i reserve one?

    Reservation I have yet to deal with Apple on a new release. But I am curious when Apple will charge my credit card. When I ordered my iPhoneGS from the ATT store, I was charged at that point. The reason I am asking is that I have money set aside from the iPad, but if they are not going to...