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    Introducing the Skadoosh iPad Stand

    The design of the stand is solid :) The iPad is designed to be held by one hand while you use the other hand to control it, so the bezel area is very strong. I don't know if you have one, but if you hold the ipad at the bottom and lay it flat, there is no flex or undo stress on the ipad. With...
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    Introducing the Skadoosh iPad Stand

    It is water proof :) (the stand, not the iPad)
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    Introducing the Skadoosh iPad Stand

    When you say rendering, do you mean a computer generated image? The pictures of the stand is an actual machined and tested stand. We just haven't started final production yet. The iPad, unfortunately, is only rendered. Too simple? It holds the iPad and tilts. It's supposed to be simple. I hear...
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    Introducing the Skadoosh iPad Stand

    We're breaking into the accessory industry by offering an iPad stand. The stand holds firm while using the touch screen and it adjusts to almost any angle. Check it out and let us know what you think. We are still in development, but production starts very soon...
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    Dustin here. Started a new company called Jadu Industries manufacturing iPad stands. I don't regularly chat on forums, but I want to see what people in the know are saying about the iPad. Look forward to discussing all things iPad.