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    connecting iPad to projector

    Sorry, typo on my part. It's actually Airserver that I'm using which you've already found.
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    connecting iPad to projector

    You need 3 things to make this happen: the right O/S on your computer, windows software called AppServer, and wifi in the room. 1) Your laptop needs to be running Vista or Windows 7. Won't work with XP. 2) You need to buy AppServer - google it, you'll find it no problem. It's $12 for teachers...
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    How to remote control an IPAD ?

    This is the information that I have too. Logmein (or any other app) canNOT remote control another iPad.
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    I'm in the pharm industry which is quite particular about security, and I can tell you that while we haven't deployed a cloud-based system, our IT folks are working with because they feel it is the most secure of all of these products.
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    Filter and Sort funtionality for excel files?

    Some research I did a few months ago indicated that it's not possible.That type of functionality uses (I think) Visual Basic which isn't available on the iPad.
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    Which app to use for Excel,Word files ?

    I've used QuickOffice Pro HD and Office2HD. They're very similar. I've used QO well before the iPad came around and so I'm sticking to it, but Office2HD is cheaper and basically offers the same functionality.
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    Excel Files

    Don't take it personally! Onlive Desktop isn't available in Canada either. So I use CloudOn as well.
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    I am needing more space for my 16gb iPad 2 Suggestions?

    I bought a GoFlex Satellite about a month ago - very useful. But if you do buy it, make sure you get the latest firmware from the Seagate website. I read a lot about people really struggling with it before that firmware.
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    Looking for input on 4 topics related to business use

    I don't know how to allow her to look at her boss's calendar via the calendar app but I do know how I see my boss's: by using Outlook Web Access. I do have rights to see my boss's calendar in Exchange, so I simply login to OWA from the iPad (in Safari) and I can see her calendar. Not sure if...
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    Best FREE work application

    As far as I know, OnLive is in the US app store only. I know for a fact that it's not in the Canadian one. So if you're not in the US, that's probably why you can't find it.
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    which best app to watch mkv 720p movies on my iPad

    I use OPlayerHD Lite, and it can handle pretty much any file format, and I have watched mkv 720p videos with it with no issues on my iPad 2.
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    How to remote control an IPAD ?

    I asked about this in another thread and was told this isn't available for the iPad at all - apparently it would violate Apple's Terms of Service. In my case, I wanted our Help Desk to help our sales reps in the field who have iPads.
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    Best FREE work application

    2nd vote for OnLive.
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    Keynote App presentation to USB "Thumbstick"???

    In Keynote on the iPad, hit the 'wrench' icon, then 'Share and Print', then 'Send to iTunes', then choose 'Keynote' as the format. Now, connect your iPad to your computer, launch iTunes, click on your iPad's name on the left side, go to 'Apps' area (third on across the top, after Summary and...
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    App for iPhone to control Presentation on iPAD?

    Can you tell me which model pocket router you use and your success rate with it?
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    Downloading excel spread sheet to my ipad from work

    Jude, If you're looking for anything more than basic Excel, then apps like Numbers, QuickOffice, Office2 HD (which all can read/write Excel) really aren't an alternative. None of them can handle even what I consider to be basic Excel features such as filters - this isn't their fault because...
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    App for iPhone to control Presentation on iPAD?

    As far as I know, the above is the only way to do what you're asking. But note that Keynote is $10 and the Keynote remote app for iPhone is $0.99. Also, opening ppt/pptx files in Keynote isn't a science - there are font differences, symbols display weird, transitions may or may not
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    Keyboard and mouse

    I'm typing this on my Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2 bluetooth keyboard (and case) as we speak. Awesome keyboard - between $60 and $90 on Amazon (price changes daily I swear).
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    Control an iPad remotely?

    Crap. And no it doesn't make me feel any better knowing the same is true for Android :) But thanks for your quick response!
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    Control an iPad remotely?

    Hi all, I'm looking for software (for Windows or Mac - doesn't matter) or an iPad app that will allow me to view/control another iPad remotely. Our reps in the field have iPad 2s and sometimes it's easier to 'see' their iPad to troubleshoot an issue than to just listen to them describe it to...
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    I need help with my PDF readers and files.

    Emailing to yourself might work very well, but not possible in a corporate environment with email attachment size limits. My company only allows attachments <10 MB, and I regularly have to read PDFs which are 100 MB +. I recommend you learn the method j0yful has described above - that's the...
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    Online Desktop (Windows and Office on your iPad via the Cloud)

    That sounds like OnLive Desktop. While CloudOn gives you full Word/Excel/PowerPoint, it doesn't have a Windows desktop the way OnLive does.
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    Email attachments

    You can also try Office2 HD - only $8 and will open all of those.
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    Online storage to iPad

    I use Dropbox and I have also used Sugarsync and Wuala. I love Dropbox because of the desktop integration. I just copy my files to my dropbox folder and they get synced to all my devices. I love because it gave me 50GB! Now I can backup all my pictures and videos (in addition...
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    Best solution for .docx

    I would recommend QuickOffice for docx and xlsx. Having said that, if you ever move on to powerpoint, note that you can't edit pptx files in QuickOffice - only ppt files.
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    Does the iPad 2 have a virtual keyboard with arrows?

    It's the Kensington Keyfolio for iPad 2. I'm not allowed to post a link (not enough posts by me on this forum!) but go to amazon and you'll find it easily. The price changes every week, I swear. I got it for ~$40 on Black Friday, regular price is $100, but as of right now it is $60. Wonderful...
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    Using my iPad with a projector

    Keynote is definitely one option, and probably the best one. You can also use other software such as QuickOffice. There's also the 'free' option, but it isn't very good if you regularly do presentations. The free way would be to email the ppt file to yourself as an attachment. You can then open...
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    Does the iPad 2 have a virtual keyboard with arrows?

    I bought a bluetooth keyboard precisely because of the lack of 4 arrows. Couldn't take the tap-and-hold-and-zoom nonsense! Best thing I ever did- I'm wondering how I managed without this keyboard. I can even do ctrl-C, ctrl-V, all my usual, don't walk, and get a BT keyboard.