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    Maps for navigation

    It is my understanding that there is NO GPS in a wifi only iPad.
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    ghost finger takes over my Ipad!

    I remember something thing like that happening to my work computer when the IT guys needed to fix a problem on my computer and they were working from a different part of the building. It was real spooky.
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    Which way should the mart cover fold?

    Good point about the more vertical issue, twerp poet. Didn't think of that.
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    What case do you prefer for your iPad

    Red leather Smart cover with a Moshi shell for the back. Got a leather sleeve to slip it in when I travel.
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    Which way should the mart cover fold?

    Thanks for the comment. Since I go my smart cover I have been rolling it up so that the suede side was out. Never liked doing it that way, because I didn't like the side of the cover that went against the screen being on the desk, collecting dust and dirt. And, I never thought of rolling it the...
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    Smart Cover

    I got the red one for my black faced iPad. I love it. It's not for sale. :)
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    My ipad 2 had been stolen...

    Best Buy in CA had 125 iPads stolen last Thursday.
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    Calendar help

    I am using MSoutlook's calendar on my PC and can repeat days of the month there, then when i sync to my iPad calender it shows up that way. There is no days of the month repeat feature in the iPad calendar, which seems stupid. Hope this helps.
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    Turning off ipad2

    I noticed that turning it off, does not close all of the apps that have been opened and are still running in RAM. It that correct. Is there an easy way to close all the Apps at once and clear out the RAM or doesn't it matter.
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    Ipad 2 suddenly cannot send mail - the server does not allow relaying

    I had the same problem with a nan-aol email account and did what boobie suggested and it fixed the issue.
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    I'm looking to buy an iPad 2: What kind of memory should I get? 32GB or 64 GB?

    I have a 64g and for the life of me, can't see how I will ever get over 32g of data on it.
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    DreamBook – The Best App to Interpret Your Dreams

    Can you send me one, thanks
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    can we print from the ipad???

    FYI I installed WePrint on my desk computer and I can print to both of my non-wifi printers that are connected via USB cables to my disk top, in addition to WiFi printer. The disk top computer acts as a print server.
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    can we print from the ipad???

    I don't own an AirPrint compatable printer, so I have been using PrintCentral Pro and WePrint to print via my desk top computer to WiFi Dell deskjet or my non-wifi Dell laser jet and non-wifi HP large format printers. I could justify buying a 4th printer, just to use AirPrint.
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    Printing App for iPad 2 & iPhone 4S

    Hi Pam I think the multi user option for print m share is if you and another person (i.e. different user) are going to send material to your printer. For what I can see, they both do almost the same things, but they also each have some unique features. Also, it appears that Print Central is a...
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    Printing App for iPad 2 & iPhone 4S

    Hi Tim None of my printers are AirPrint comparable and I did not need to buy a fourth printer, so I tried the centerprint software and I am able to print to all of my current printers, one via wifi and the other two via. My desk top computer to which they are usb connected. Jim
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    Printing App for iPad 2 & iPhone 4S

    Printing Hi I bought PrintCentral Pro to print to my WiFi Dell V305 printer. It wouldn't work. So I installed WePrint software on my Gateway desktop computer which could print to the WiFi Dell V305. Also I have a Dell laser jet and HP large format inkjet pluged into my desktop computer via USB...
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    Picked up my 64gig, 3g iPad 2 at the Apple Store in Wausau, WI this afternoon. Will be updating the iOS tonite. Can't wait. I have been reading this Forum for the past week and really appriciate all the good info here. Jim