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    New Computer--

    It will check for available downloads, this probably won't get all the information or content back, so just export all the iTunes files to disks then import the content from the disks to iTunes. Have fun with your new computer
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    Weird design issue on iPad

    Is this ONLY on YOUR site?
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    The internet going crazy.

    It's just a camera. If you want to talk to people with a camera use skype, if don't have an iPhone, but still, it's just a camera. It's easy enough to import photos already. Also, I'm not sure I would hold an ipad to face to take a photo as it would look a little funny but anyway,
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    Problem in the screen iPad

    Just take it back to the shop if you brogue it from a shop, if online ask for support on getting a new one. Did it come like that. ?
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    New Ipad syncs - Old Gen II Nano doesn't :(

    So the computer doesn't recognize it? Does the computer recognize it at all, even though charging. ?
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    Wow. There really nice effects. Like the stairs and curl and roll.
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    tap-and-hold speed setting

    Try resting All settings. Path; Settings >general>reset>reset all settings
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    Just reboot as the others said, or if you are short of memory delete some unwanted videos, photos, or apps.
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    Remember you can download the iPF app on the app store!
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    Hey, welcome to the site, if you have any problems make a thread about it and someone I'm sure will help. Welcome
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    Ipad apps

    I personally use pages, Maybe you could searc up a few reviews on productivity Apps
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    Screen Saver operation

    In settings, this should work if they messed around with the settings, Do this; Turn on iPad Go to settings general Auto-lock 2 mins I have, set it to your preference. Hope this worked
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    Welcome to - Your Apple iPad Forum & Community

    Look, wipe your iPad, erase all data on iPad, then sync is all down from your computer ipad iTunes library. Unless you have never sync any of your stuff and you have loads of stuff on your iPad which your computer doesn't have. Then it's a litt le tricky but you maybe able to get stuff back...
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    Amazon Continues to pull the iPad's Pigtails in the Playground with new Kindle Commer

    They could have turned up the rbightness on the iPad alike may have helped, of change tables. Lol. Why would you run around with a kindle in hand all happy. O would sit down and read like I am now with the iPad before I got on the iPF app. iPad wins I think
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    New to Forum...and very frustrated with iPad!

    Its true, I also forget to sync, just can't be bothered with it all, so yeah I don't sync every week of day but mine doesn't take to long.
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    File too big message

    Get pages. That's a bit better, anyway, why not just split the file in half or something like that?
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    Transfer Photos From Droid Or iphone to ipad

    Bump is a grat app, especially the long range talk with people you have already bumped with!
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    Game center friends

    Mr floppy Lol, great name? :/
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    Does Apple Need the iPad 2?

    I think, yeah well it maybe heead of the market and more developed than others but apple aren't the sort of company that want to relax, they keep having fantastic ideas and they keep to, because they want to be further than anyone else and don't want the rest to catch up.
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    New to Forum...and very frustrated with iPad!

    Have you tried feasting the system settings or just resetting everything? Maybe before readying everything you could try syncing with itunes in a different user account, that sorted a problem I had with my iPad during sync, mine wouldn't sync was the problem, maybe you could try syncing single...
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    VPN Question

    have you looked int he iPad user guide? I'm pretty sure of there's a section on connecting to a VPN. Or just search the web or apple support, or ring apple support.
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    Modern Combat 2 : Black Pegasus

    A great game. You should have a look at it on the app store if you havn't already. There are loads of online players if you have other gameloft games you can see there are loads of online players as it says.
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    Should wait for iPad2?

    Superbike81 has a good suggestion, i would get one now for as cheap as you can, you'll love it, even if used, then just sell it, get the ipad 2 if you can and want to part with it.
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    Just thought I should join because it looked awesome and have had my ipad for a little while now and thought about helping others with their ipads, if i can. :)