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    Calendar items disappearning

    I reset my IPad and was able to retrieve my calendar events. I had mutipile events in the calendar. I then deleted additional ones and was able to save it. I was also then able to enter new events and save them. I had several linked to mine which may have caused this. Thanks again and have...
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    Calendar items disappearning

    Thanks I may have to try that. Thanks again,
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    Calendar items disappearning

    Yes I absolutely put all of the information which included the location. As a matter fact I completely entered the data seven times and wasn't able to get the done or save icon at the top.
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    Calendar items disappearning

    The same thing is happening to me. I posted new events in the Calendar app on my Ipad Air and it doesn't allow the "Done" screen to accept and save the event. I put all the appropriate info for the event, the but the app's screen stays the same (Cancel New Event Add). I imputed this...
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    [Critical iOS 8 News] Do NOT Upgrade to iCloud Drive During iOS 8 Installation!!!

    Unfortunately, I was probably one of the iPad air users who upgraded from 7 to OS8. In the settings "iCloud Drive" section has been upgrading for the past several days. I'm was able to backup my iPad Air to to the Icloud. Howver, as stated above, there is a compatibility issue. Anyway...
  6. S Giveaway! Win a JBL Venue LT Speaker

    What a great site. Got my iPad Air I wasn't overwhelmed changing from Windows to a Mac. Then I found the iPad form and it was a tremendous help for me. I really love my iPad Air and site was laid out to provide information to us newbies. Thanks much!! Shadow4845 (@@)
  7. S Giveaway! Win a JBL Venue LT Speaker

    Wow what a great site. When I first got my iPad Air, and I found this site, it was like a dream come true for me because I was so overwhelmed from changing over from a Windows format or PC was posted and I used thank you What a great site they been a great help for me when I got my iPad Air...
  8. S Giveaway! Win a JBL Venue LT Speaker

    Wow what a great site hope I will need JBL's anyway I look forward to the upgrades MN well this form is truly great I'm glad I found it as a newbie my my iPad Air is working beautifully and I'm going to continue to keep coming to this site thank you
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    Battey life- how to charge?

    Thanks again. Absolutely a great tip and info. Incorporated into my monthly tasks. Now, all I have to do is pry it away from my wife. Shadow4845 (@@)
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    How to Save Battery Life on iOS 7 ( Complete Guide )

    Great Tip......thanks much. Shadow4845 (@@)
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    Ipad Air battery amount

    Thanks I for that tip as I noticed that with my My Ipad Air. Sometimes I get caught up in recharging over and over and never let the battery run completely down. Thanks Shadow4845 (@@)
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    what's your favourite game on the iPad?

    I loving Temple Run 1 and 2, Cookie, and Tiger Woods 12, Jewel Rush, and 100 Balls. Absolutely addictive and time somsuming (@@), I'm loving my Ipad Air. Shadow4845 (@@)
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    A Little Info About AirDrop

    Thanks for the Tutorial. It's answered several of my questions. Great post!!!
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    Who Got An iPad for Christmas?

    I got a IPad For my birthday (@@)
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    My first was an IPod nano, then a IPod Classic 120gb (the best), and now IPad Air. Although Apple is a bit expensive, it's the quality of the product. My wife want the Samsung Galaxy Note S3. But we will have to wait for that. Shadow4845
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    iOS5 Tips and Tricks

    Thanks for the tip. I tend to fat finger my texts when sending emails and texting my daughter who has a Ipad mini. I've built a hand full of short one-liners when texting. Saves me a bunch of time. (@@) Thanks much. Shadow
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    Hey all!!! I just bought a Ipad Air and new to the MAC OS. I'm really excited about the Ipad Air and have just connected to the my Wireless network at home. I've been checking out the advice in the newbie section and learning. Shadow4845