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    iCloud requires Lion?

    I am in the same boat and was googling this issue a few days ago. There was 'some' info that there would be limited SL support for iCloud , so i am waiting to see what happens. The logic goes like this, would apple ignore the vast number of people running SL when they offer support for Windows 7...
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    Mifi storage data on ipad2

    Pfitz, i bought the same device some months ago with the intention of using it as you describe. Lots of searching around and i came to the conclusion that you cant. I was thinking it would act like an Airstash but it doesn't.
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    Cracked IPad 2

    Sorry I thought you said the crack appeared overnight. Then you said it was dropped! Either way good result from apple. :confused:
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    Wrong time?

    I believe it was COsmeston park:D
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    Wrong time?

    SJL mine gains time as well. Maybe I brought it wth me when I moved from Penarth to Cardiff!:D
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    Do we need the 3G on the ipad? or is wifi sufficiant.

    Me for one! and i grew up around Penarth!
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    Why worry, I encode everything set at 'Original' Apple tv setting and watch on 1st gen apple tv , 2nd gen apple tv and 1st gen iPad.
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    Hello. This site is great. Have question, not problem!

    Hi the 5 authorised bit relates to itunes purchases. You can 'share' your purchased itunes stuff with a max of 5 computers. You will need to sync your ipad with one computer only as the computer is a host to all your media and manages it as well. You just need one computer with itunes on it.
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    No airplay ?

    You dont have any compatible equipment on your network.
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    Does x mail in task bar stop push email?

    As title says. I have tried to find answer in manual but can't. If I close mail via the recent app task bar does it turn it off and stop emails being pushed to iPad, or more accurately stop iPad receiving new emails?
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    Contacts from gmail to ipad

    When you set up gmail on iPad select contacts to sync when you select email and calendar . Can be selected after set up as well.
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    iPad seems totally dead - please HELP !!!

    Lager,bitter,White wine but definitely not Red:mad: Glad sorted.
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    iPad seems totally dead - please HELP !!!

    Don't panic I had that a few months back, very similar circumstances not good reader but running something else. I think I did a hard reset, hold home and power together and it will eventually reboot. No issues since:)
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    What do you think of Virgin's new Project app?

    I bought wired when it came out and enjoyed the novelty. I bought project tonight and found it very similar in outlook to wired, so nothing groundbreaking I am afraid. But my biggest issue is navigation. I just don't enjoy getting lost within the magazine. Happened with wired and now with...
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    hi everybody my name is joyce i am new

    Hi and welcome Joyce. I am sure you will find this forum helpful.
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    LEGO Harry Potter game

    Hi and welcome. My 7 year old who is Lego mad is loving this game. Easily comparable to ds version and great value. He calls me when stuck and I am finding the spells hard. We can't open the door with the key shaped spell. Worth sticking with it tho...
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    Problem syncing apps back to iPad on iOS 4.2.1

    Yea, i was stumped for a while thinking that apps had not sycnd over. turns out they were on page 4 and 5 even though there was only 3 apps on page 3! keep swipping
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    iOS 4.2.1 Available Now - Yes, Really

    Just come on line in UK. Downloading now:D
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    Apple TV... So who's bought/buying one then?

    The launch of the new apple tv just prompted me again to look into getting an original apple tv! So i did. £70 from ebay and came with a new style alum remote. I need to have content stored locally and not over the network so will watch with interest till new one is JB..
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    iPad Dock contest !

    I guess 64
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    Will jailbroken ipads be able to accept ios 4.2?

    Robertic, not sure if you are misunderstanding question. You will be able to upgrade your JB iPad to 4.2 . You will just lose your JB. This is what happens all the time on iPhone and people then say "I upgraded by mistake to how do i JB?":o As said by nooris if JB is important to...
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    iPad car hook @ hanger

    I have the original apple case and just used a very cheap click lock strap to attach case to back of seat. Worker perfectly on recent long trips.
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    Is A 7-inch iPad Really on the Way Before Christmas?

    Ok I dont get the logic in this. I am selling as many iPads as i can produce for x amount. Why dilute the market myself by introducing a competitor to my own product as presumably less than x amount? I know Apple have a range if iPod devices at different price points but they are not...
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    Double negation in English

    Being an English speaker in the UK I agree with the original observation that the double negative is just poor use of language. For many years I have intentionally annoyed co workers with my answers when they say Q ."You don't have a spare pen do you?" R . "Yes" Q ."Great can i borrow...
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    pulse equivalent

    Tried a couple of free ones for a week or two. Feeddler i think was one. However have now bought Pulse and wiuldnt use anything else . Well worth £2.50.
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    3 Word Story

    last 10 hours!
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    Awesome little speaker

    Update Ok, mine arrived this morning and I think it has to be a must buy. You dont realise how 'light' the built in speakers are until you try this baby.
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    Meta data on movies

    I have searched and googles for two days and can't find the answer, or anyone else that is bothered:) I have added DVDs to iPad and I have now found that HD movie posters are best looking but I cannot for the life of me see how to add information such as actor/director to a movie so that it...
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    Video covers

    Hi, my own dvd's ripped with Handbrake look fantastic - BUT the cover art looks shocking. Anyone know the best resolution to use for cover and where to get it from?
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    Notice of UK shipment received today.

    First sync - couple of apps couple of movies.. just to get something on there. Once i start playing i aint gona want to put her down for a long time...
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    Notice of UK shipment received today.

    Mine too :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    International members whom order for may 28th

    :)My 64GB WiFi is here:D Well actually at home and i am stuck in work but :D anyway. Day early as well..:)
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    International members whom order for may 28th

    Its on the van.....Out for delivery.
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    HP iPrint

    Just for additional clarity in case anyone is unsure. It prints to any HP printer on your network. I have it on my Iphone and print to my HP photosmart which is USB only to Mac Mini - on same wifi network.
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    Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live

    Bought it. Now just have to wait a few more days....
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    UK iTunes now with iPad and iBooks

    As title says for other UK residents waiting for Friday ( or pos Thursday) iTunes now fully iPadded up.:D
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    Thanks for the effort. However mine is being shipped by TNT - link on similar thread..
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    Awesome little speaker

    Cheers - ordered from Amazon UK £13.50..
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    Notice of UK shipment received today.

    Mine's in Nuneaton... due tomorrow 27th:D