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  1. darrenjcampbell

    Pages iClound and OpenOffice

    I think you could probably do that via iTunes... If you look at your iPad settings, on the apps tab, the bottom section should allow you to add documents to your Pages app, which should appear on your iPad when you next sync. Similarly, anything you do on your iPad will appear for download from...
  2. darrenjcampbell

    STEREO audio input ?

    Alesis has no stereo in? That's disappointing!
  3. darrenjcampbell

    File upload is grayed out

    I tried it and it does indeed work a treat. That really is a revelation to me. This means that the iPad is now a viable standalone option for non-power users.
  4. darrenjcampbell

    File upload is grayed out

    Consider me delighted! :-)
  5. darrenjcampbell

    STEREO audio input ?

    Does the headphone/mic port even support stereo input? What are you capturing from anyway? A stereo mic? A mixing desk? You might need something to connect via the dock connector. You can get a sort of multitrack dock that the iPad slides into and you can plug whatever you like into it (within...
  6. darrenjcampbell

    File upload is grayed out

    You quite simply cannot upload files to a website from an iPad because iOS has no user-facing concept of a file system. If you want to upload a file you will have to either use an app or use a Mac or a PC. Forget all the hype about Flash, this is probably the single biggest obstacle to the...
  7. darrenjcampbell

    Monitor iPhone video on iPad

    I'm sure there are probably several ways to stream video from one to the other (e.g. Skype/FaceTime for starters), but what's difficult is that you want to record at same time. What you could do is to use AirPlay Mirroring on an AppleTV if you have one. Or of course, you could try plain...
  8. darrenjcampbell

    Music blank / not want to play

    1) Is the music you're trying to play on your iPad or on your PC 2) Are you trying to play it on your iPad or on your PC? I think if you can answer those two questions, you'll be halfway there.
  9. darrenjcampbell

    VIRAL problem

    Hi dargue, I think you should really have started a new thread, but since you ask.... I presume you are checked into your Facebook app, but it sounds like it's your wife who's signed into Facebook through Safari. I suggest going into the settings app, clicking on "Safari" and then "Clear Cookies...
  10. darrenjcampbell

    List generator

    Some supermarkets (grocery stores in American?) have apps that do that sort of thing. Try searching for your favourite store in the app store. I doubt that you'll find anything quite so clever as you described, but you can certainly set-up standard lists then pick things from them for each...
  11. darrenjcampbell

    Is my ipad a back up for my itunes account?

    Well, the simple answer is no, your iPad is not a backup for your iTunes. However, whatever music you may have on you iPad should anything happen to your laptop may potentially be retrieved with the right software. Generally speaking, it is the other way round and your iPad is backed up on your...
  12. darrenjcampbell

    Wireless settings to time out a user

    So, you want to achieve the result of the "forget this network" option in settings, but with a single button? So the next student would then have to setup a new connection from scratch? Please clarify. I might have missed your point entirely, but if that is what you're trying to do, then do...
  13. darrenjcampbell

    Tethering my ipad 2

    Can't imagine it's the iPad at fault... assuming you're connecting to the wifi OK.
  14. darrenjcampbell

    photos on ipad2

    Go into photos, navigate to your the album that contains your photos, click the curvy arrow in the top right corner, touch to select the photos you want to delete, then click delete in the top left corner. That's how you delete photos, but it doesn't work with Photostream.
  15. darrenjcampbell

    is Stylus / Pen safe to be used on iPad-2 ?

    I've never had any rubber swiping marks that I've noticed with mine and I can't imagine that you'd get much in the way of rubber marks with any stylus because that would suggest it was wearing down, which frankly would be more of a problem than any marks.
  16. darrenjcampbell

    is Stylus / Pen safe to be used on iPad-2 ?

    Most stylus(es) for iPad do not have the pen-like precision that you talk of, they have a soft, round, rubbery, finger-like nib, which means that so long as they are used correctly, they are very unlikely to damage your iPad. I have read that they need to be round and rubbery to achieve the...
  17. darrenjcampbell

    Enter to send Sms on ipad

    Oh, well on 3 in the UK, I don't have the option to send as sms on my iPad. I can try, but the send button is disabled.
  18. darrenjcampbell

    Enter to send Sms on ipad

    What do you mean "by pressing the <enter> key"? You can't send an sms at all, out of the box at any rate. Do you mean an iMessage message? Or are you using some other app that sends sms? In iMessage, hitting <enter> just makes a new line.
  19. darrenjcampbell

    I pad closes randomly from any page

    When you buy/download an app from the app store, it does close down the store and take you to where the icon for the new app is to show the installation progress. This is good, normal behaviour.
  20. darrenjcampbell

    Ipad2 movies keep pausing

    The simplest answer would be that your internet connection isn't fast enough so your iPad has to wait while it downloads the next bit to play. This is called buffering. Sorry if that's too simple an answer, but we've got to start somewhere, right?
  21. darrenjcampbell

    Radio program recording...

    I haven't tried it, but your recordings should probably appear in the lower section of the apps screen in iTunes when you connect your iPad. From there you should be able to save it and then email it. I don't think you can do it on the iPad itself. Maybe somebody will tell us otherwise.
  22. darrenjcampbell

    Getting converted-DVD-to-mp4 movie from iMac to iPad 2

    You can drag and drop files into iTunes, drag them into the top left corner. If you try that and it doesn't work, that probably means your file format is not suitable. It doesn't matter that it's an mp4 so much as what kind of mp4. Besides, apple uses m4v files, not mp4 (but it is still an mp4...
  23. darrenjcampbell

    Hidden apps

    If you delete it, you delete it. When you see it listed under 'purchased', it is not on your iPad, but it is available for you to download and install again whenever you like. Unless you want to get into get into technical details about how computer storage works, when you delete it, you delete...
  24. darrenjcampbell

    Using IPad2 in Vietnam and apple tv

    Most probably. In the UK we certainly don't get everything at the same time as the US. I think it's all down to licensing.
  25. darrenjcampbell

    ipad2 journal

    What journal app? There is none out of the box. Do you mean Notes? You can print (with suitable gear) or email from Notes directly, or you can sync your notes with your Mac or PC and print from there. Did you mean some other app?
  26. darrenjcampbell

    Smart Cover disables Lockscreen?

    No, it doesn't disable the lock screen, though apparently it did on the original release of iOS 5, but was quickly fixed. I was actually asked the same question just recently and experimented and was unable to reproduce the problem, though I did find a few articles that back up what I'm now...
  27. darrenjcampbell

    View the entire web page

    Sorry, just noticed that you mentioned Atomic.
  28. darrenjcampbell

    View the entire web page

    You should be able to see web pages in full as standard (you may need to pinch), so I'm wondering if maybe what you're describing is that you've been railroaded onto a mobile page? If you look around the page, usually down at the very bottom, can you see an option to switch to classic or desktop...
  29. darrenjcampbell

    iPAD 2 continuously resets

    Take it straight to your local Genius Bar. They're good.
  30. darrenjcampbell

    I Pad video sync

    I can understand what you're trying to do, but I can also understand why you can't do it. The camera roll is precisely that... I wouldn't expect to see purchased movies in there. The video app on the other hand is for purchased movies and the like and I wouldn't expect to be able to copy them to...
  31. darrenjcampbell

    Internet radio on iTunes PC

    TuneIn Radio is excellent. You can record on it too. Highly recommended.
  32. darrenjcampbell


    Well, after a dozen or so years as a PC, I switched to Mac in 2006 on the back of the halo effect from my 1st iPod (a third gen). Since then, I've been gradually acquiring more and more shiny things from Cupertino, culminating in my iPad 2 last summer. I've got a proper AirPlay network going...
  33. darrenjcampbell

    Presenting an iPad application across the web

    A quick search in the app store for the term "screen sharing" found an app called 'mobile presenter'. I've not got the faintest idea whether it's any good or not. Edited by Moderator - twitter address removed, please read the forum rules
  34. darrenjcampbell

    How do I view powerpoint & PDF presentations onto projector

    I'm not sure what you mean. What do you mean out of wifi range? I presume you're using an iPad since this is an iPad forum, so how are you sending the images to the projector? Are you plugging it in with cables? If so, where does wifi come in? Do you mean that you were trying to project a file...
  35. darrenjcampbell

    Icons turned White

    Doesn't sound good... I suppose you've tried the classic switching it off and on again? You could try the old press-and-hold the power button and home button for several seconds thing to reset it.
  36. darrenjcampbell

    iPad/iPhone calendar sync

    You could probably sync all ofthe above with a Google calendar.
  37. darrenjcampbell

    Ipad2 camera

    Dirty lense?
  38. darrenjcampbell

    Sky Go

    It doesn't work through AirPlay mirroring... i just tried. I think it might be a deliberate effort by Sky.
  39. darrenjcampbell

    Photos into albums

    I've not come across a way to change names yet, but at the very least, you could probably copy the photos to a new album with the desired name, then delete the original. It's not great, but it's astart.
  40. darrenjcampbell

    Photos into albums

    I tried it. When you're in an album, click on the curvy arrow in the top right corner. This will allow you to select photos from which to create an album. Then, click "add to" and choose or create an album to add them to. What you'll actually get is effectively a new shortcut to the same file...