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  1. MadDragon1846

    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    I connect my iPad to iTunes usually after I'v downloaded around 5 apps, just to sync the new apps to my pc. So how often I connect it to my pc can vary quite a bit, depending on what app bargains are on at the time. :D Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  2. MadDragon1846

    Gameloft Holds $0.99 iPad Game Sale

    I bought the 2 golf games (would of got Eternal Legacy too if I didn't already own it lol). I'm hoping the next sale includes the Gangster games, and Fishing Kings HD! :D Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  3. MadDragon1846

    iPad inabilites -need help

    Just get another iPad browser. I use atomic browser, and it can act as other browsers like Internet explorer 8, firefox, etc. I remember 1 of the types of browser wouldn't let me fill in forms/message boxes. I just changed it to a different browser and it works fine. (I usually have it set to...
  4. MadDragon1846

    Document transfer between iPads

    I don't have the keynote app. But it sounds like you are connecting your iPad, seeing the keynote files there, unplugging yours and then connecting his iPad? If thats the case, then the problem would probably be that the files arn't saved on iTunes or your computer. Theres probably a way to...
  5. MadDragon1846

    Simple Question from Idiot user

    Lol that got me a bit confused when I first used my iPad. I was used to tapping on "music" on my iPod Touch, But it's called "iPod" on the iPad. :o
  6. MadDragon1846

    iOS 4.3.2 iPad 2 Bluetooth noisy

    Hmm, interesting stuff. I do have another wireless mouse. A razor mamba (it's great!), I'v just been too lazy to use it beings my other mouse was already plugged in lol. I'll try using that tomorrow and see how it goes. If it works without messing with my sound, I could use that and my apple...
  7. MadDragon1846

    How quickly you decide buying an app?

    Another problem with appshopper is sometimes it'll show a price drop and get your hopes up. You click on "buy" only to find it's showing an app from the us app store. :( Still, it's a great app, and I check it a few times a day. My iPod Touch has 18.5gb of apps thanks to appshopper, and I'v...
  8. MadDragon1846

    How quickly you decide buying an app?

    If the app is more than 59p, I wait however long it takes to go down to that price, lol. There's nothing more annoying than buying an app and then seeing it has gone down in price!. Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  9. MadDragon1846

    How old/young are you?:)

    Well beings the thread title asked my age and not yours, I ain't even gonna bother trying to work that out!. :P I'm 28 years old (I feel older though, I found some White hairs in my beard earlier today...) :( Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  10. MadDragon1846

    iOS 4.3.2 iPad 2 Bluetooth noisy

    Just an update. I fixed my dodgy Bluetooth sound. It turned out it was wifi messing with the sound. I was laying in bed, thinking how I could fix the problem (as you do lol), beings I turned off the wifi on my iPad and router, and that didn't help. Then all of a sudden it hit me!, my pc uses a...
  11. MadDragon1846

    Vanishing Playlists - Can u recreate this?

    I haven't had this problem. (I don't use playlists, lol). But have you tried creating the playlists on iTunes, and copying them to your iPad?. I know you shouldn't have to, but if it stops your playlists from disappearing, it'd be worth it. :D
  12. MadDragon1846

    Reading wmf files

    wmf can stand for Windows Metafile. However I don't think theres an app for opening that type of file. There are a few converters for your pc to change wmf files into things like jpg, and pdf documents. You could then view it on your ipad. :)
  13. MadDragon1846

    iOS 4.3.2 iPad 2 Bluetooth noisy

    I recently bought a bluetooth speaker, and theres a strange sound a bit like if you have some paper near a speaker, and it vibrates. it gets worse the louder the volume is. i'v tried resetting my ipad 2, but no change. the bluetooth connection also disconnects after around 1/2 an hour... i...
  14. MadDragon1846

    iPad screen scratch protector thread...

    Lol, just don't hunt me down if it gets scratched! :D I do miss the feel of the naked screen. But I was a nervous wreak whenever I used it. If I ever do decide to take the screen protector off (maybe if I get an iPad 3 lol). I'll definitely be keeping the back protector on, as much for the...
  15. MadDragon1846

    iPad screen scratch protector thread...

    This is the same as me. The back looks really great! (soo shiny lol). But the front looks a right state :( It went on pretty easy, I did all the usual stuff (made sure screen was nice and clean, washed hands and made sure to spray them with the solution before going near the protector). But...
  16. MadDragon1846

    Crackle Sony App

    I watched an episode of Dilbert last night, there wasn't any advert interruptions. I guess there might be when watching something long like a film though. The screen did turn blank at one point, while the sound carried on. I paused it for awhile and the picture came back. And I had to pause it...
  17. MadDragon1846

    Battery problem

    I dunno about the being stuck at 100% problem. But the battery drainage while asleep problem is usually because of wifi or 3G being on, and fetching new data. Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  18. MadDragon1846

    Do you put it to sleep/wake or shut off??

    I'v been turning off my iPad every night, to save battery. I think I'll leave it in sleep mode tonight though, to see how the battery holds up. (The long startup time is annoying). Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  19. MadDragon1846


    Hmm, press the home button quickly 2 times, then find the app at the bottom of the screen and hold your finger on it for awhile. When it jiggles, press on the little x on it. That'll completely close the app. Then try running the app again. If it still doesn't work, check to see if theres an...
  20. MadDragon1846

    How to delete the photo in small frame on Facetime

    Lol, as far as I know, you can't get rid of it. It's meant to be there to show what the other person is seeing, so you know where you should point the camera. If you got rid of it, then they might be having a video conversation with your bellybutton. :rolleyes:
  21. MadDragon1846

    Check this out ~ I am con....fused!

    I was just browsing itunes, and I found an app called "Bandwidth" (without the quotes :p). It seems pretty good, you can click on "plan" in the top right corner of the app, and type in your max bandwidth for the month, say 250mb. And click the "date" in the top left of the app, and choose the...
  22. MadDragon1846

    Check this out ~ I am con....fused!

    Lets hope it did mean 20% and not 20mb!. If it's 20% then you'll be ok heh. Either way, let us know how it turns out in 3 days time. :D
  23. MadDragon1846

    Check this out ~ I am con....fused!

    I personally don't have a 3g ipad, so I dunno if your usage is alot. But I'm amazed you only get 250mb lol. I surf the net on my pc, and later on I do some racing on Motorstorm: Apocolypse on my PS3. And thats 250mb gone in a day! :D *edit* 202 MB/48 MB left for 3 days. That would mean you...
  24. MadDragon1846

    Check this out ~ I am con....fused!

    Sounds like it's saying you got 20mb left to last you 3 more days. My maths is a bit rusty, but if thats the case, then you have been using around 9.25mb a day. So you might want to cut down on your usage a little bit to be on the safe side. (the rate your going, you have around 2 day worth...
  25. MadDragon1846

    Most expensive App you have ever bought?

    Iv bought a few apps which were £2.99. I think 1 was splashtop. I usually wait for things to go down in price to 59p lol. I got dungeon hunter 1 and 2 on the iPad for 59p each awhile back :D Sent from my iPod touch using iPF
  26. MadDragon1846

    How do you clean YOUR iPad?

    Yeah, I'd never clean my screen like that lol, my cover is always picking up stuff. I used to use a cloth that came with my hdtv. But I recently put a screen protector on it, so now I just use whatever cloth is at hand at the time. (scratch proof ftw!) :D
  27. MadDragon1846

    Atomic vs safari on iPad 2

    I use atomic browser all the time, and I can't say I'v noticed any lag. Are you trying to type while the web page is trying to load? I don't know if changing the "identify as a different browser" would make any difference. I usually have it set as Internet explorer 8. Sent from my iPad 2...
  28. MadDragon1846

    Photoshop on iPad 2

    Just an update. According to appshopper, procreate has gone down to £2.99 :) Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  29. MadDragon1846

    Photoshop on iPad 2

    Theres an app called procreate. I got it awhile back for free (was only free for 24 hours), but haven't actually used it yet :D it's £4.99 atm. It apparently does all kinds of stuff, like layers, create custom brushes, smudge tool, etc. Check it out on itunes for a full list of what it...
  30. MadDragon1846

    Search function on Safari

    Click the little search bar on the top right, then type what you want to find and click on the "on this page" option on the drop down box. :) Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  31. MadDragon1846

    Safari problem - single website image lock

    Maybe they have changed it to detect mobiles browsing the site. Tesco direct for example will keep loading the mobile site even if you type in the normal site's address. I installed atomic browser, and now I can browse it fine. It has a setting to make sites think it's being viewed by explorer...
  32. MadDragon1846

    Finally, a Skin on my iPad 2!

    Looking forward to the pics. How did you go about not getting the solution in the speaker? I'm still waiting for mine. (tracking info hasn't changed since the 17th lol). Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  33. MadDragon1846

    IPF app

    It's working fine for me :D (I'm in the UK) Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  34. MadDragon1846

    Is it just me or does IPAD2 camera really stink?

    I don't think the cameras are too bad. if I wanted to take photos to stick in an album, then it can't compare to a "proper" camera. But it's fine for the average photo you'd save to your phone, or iPad. The thing I think lets it down is the cameras software... Pictures taken outside or in a...
  35. MadDragon1846

    Best app for finding free apps?

    appshopper, it has a "my apps", to keep track of what you already own. "wish list" just add what apps you want, and if they drop in price, the app will send you an email and a push notification!. Then there's the "what's new" that is always up to date, and you can set it to show iPhone apps...
  36. MadDragon1846

    Remote aap?

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean. But if you are trying to open ports on your router, and it's asking for an ip address. Usually it wants the ip address of your pc. If you start up cmd, and type in "ipconfig /all" (without the quotes), a load of info will appear, there will be a line saying ipv4...
  37. MadDragon1846

    iPad 2: Camera Roll

    When you plug in your iPad, a folder should pop up, keep opening the folders inside that folder, and you'll get to the folder with all the photos in. Just select all the photos and drag them onto your desktop to copy them. =) if the folder doesn't pop up, just click on "my computer" and click...
  38. MadDragon1846

    Remote aap?

    I guess if you think about it, controlling anything remotely, will raise the risk of being hacked. I shouldn't think opening 3 ports for Splashtop would raise the risk too much though. Iv had to open alot more ports for my Playstation 3. And no hacks soo far. *touches wood* Just make sure you...
  39. MadDragon1846

    Remote aap?

    No idea mate lol. It's also a good idea to not use the same password for everything. So even if they somehow did figure out 1 of your passwords, say for your desktop. Then you wouldn't have to worry about people then logging on to your apple account etc. ^^ Sent from my iPod touch using iPF
  40. MadDragon1846

    Remote aap?

    Best passwords are like dg63fub64 (nice and random. ya could maybe add 1 or 2 upper case letters if you want to make sure) I tend to keep away from using part of screen names, pet's names, birthdays, etc. it's the 1st thing a hacker would try. It takes awhile to remember them, but just keep...