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    Stupid Question? Is screen burn in a concern?

    Hmmmm... I'm slighty concerned now as well. I just had my mail app open for about a minute and a half, returned to the springboard and already have a slight burn-in image of my mail app. This can't be good, right? I could try and take a picture with my iPod Touch 4g but I'm not sure that it...
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    Auto WiFi? (Almost 3G)

    Thanks for the replies. Looks I'll just have to keep dreaming! -MrMos3s
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    Auto WiFi? (Almost 3G)

    ipadbraincell is right - something that would automatically find an open network and connect to it, without it having to be a "known network". I do understand that there could be security risks involved, but it'd be the same as if I were to just connect to an unknown and potentially...
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    Auto WiFi? (Almost 3G)

    This seems so obvious... One thing I would die for is an "Auto Wifi" feature/tweak so that I don't have to open up an app, search for a possible open wifi network and hit connect because it'd automatically find the nearest wifi network without password protection and connect to it, in the...