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    iPad Available at Military PX

    AAFES exchanges should not be charging a surcharge; never ran into one that did. The commissaries are the ones that have the surcharge.
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    Smart Covers Announced for the iPad 2

    It does use magnets which attach to magnets that are installed inside the iPad's body. That should mean that no, it won't work with the original iPads.
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    DVD to iPad

    As far as I know Handbrake and Wondershare both allow subtitles. I know Handbrake does for sure anyway. If you have used it but the subtitles weren't in your file, it's because you manually have to add the subtitle to the encoding, which isn't that hard once you realize you need to add it.
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    Silly email app question

    So it does actually take up space on the iPad's memory though? That's what I was wanting to avoid. OK, thanks for the replies everyone.
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    Silly email app question

    Little confused about how the email app works exactly. I haven't set it up yet to try it myself so I thought I would ask here. When you use the email app to get, let's say your yahoo mail, does it work like Microsoft Outlook in that it downloads your email locally to the iPad's internal memory...
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    For Wondershare users please

    I haven't been able to figure out how to make a custom profile either! LOL I wish a program like this had a little bit more of a user manual or help section.
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    first disappointment with ipad

    I figured out what my problem was and it hasn't affected me since I found out how to fix it. I was having the issue of having my brightness down to zero with auto on like it states on the Apple site.. I just turned the brightness up a little and I haven't had any problems keeping my connection...
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    For Wondershare users please

    If anyone has been using Wondershare to rip dvds to iPad compatible files I would be interested in knowing how you get the software to keep the Chapters for the files when they are ripped. I enjoy using the program for my conversion, but can't figure out how to keep the Chapter stops.
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    first disappointment with ipad

    I haven't had the weak signal problem but I have a different problem. I bought a 32gb 3G ipad for the wife/daughter and a 64gb 3G version for myself. With the exact same settings, when my wife puts her iPad to sleep and wakes it, it is still connected to the wifi. Mine however usually wakes up...
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    Adobe Replies to Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flashâ€

    With all this talk about Flash, what are people's feelings on Silverlight? I go to a couple sites that use Silverlight for video and I don't think the iphone supports it, how about the ipad??
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    Do I need the iPad 3G?

    I think he means Skype doesn't work over the 3G lines but of course it should over wifi. Unless they already updated Skype, as they said they were going to...
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    What Podcasts?

    I also recommend App Advice Daily (can find it in Itunes). It is updated nearly every day but each episode is only about 5 minutes long. Quick listen though and they give recommendations on new apps and such. Their website is good to visit as well, they generally put out news on apps that are...
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    Obama: Too Much Information Bad - Can't Work an iPad

    So maybe he is just book smart not iBook smart... :)
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    OK,, I take it back...

    That's awesome. Magical or not at least she is enjoying it!
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    CBS is iPad friendly!

    Big Bang Theory watching here I come :)
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    iPad Available at Military PX

    Just FYI, not all PXs or Navy Exchanges will get them for now supposedly. The only ones getting them will be ones that are considered licensed Apple resellers (i.e. they have there own Apple kiosk area with a rep there). Also, as far as I know, they aren't offered for sale online at the AAFES...
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    DVD to iPad

    I did the exact thing you did with the exception of using DVDShrink and my version works fine. I didn't use any special parameters of Handbrake either. Could you be using an outdated version of AnyDVD by chance? Also, as far as I know, you don't need to use any other programs to remove the...
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    The iPad as a Skateboard!

    Except those were made to be destroyed for the movie/tv show they were used for... just saying This one didn't bother me as much as the guys were at least having fun with it, but the teenagers just beating one with a bat outside of Best Buy was just stupid. Heck, they even did a poor job of...
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    Copying Videos

    From what I understand the Ipad will not play any video that has a (width??) more than 720 as it is only rated up to 720p. Something like that...
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    What is the real affect that the iPad will have on eReaders

    The only thing I know the Nook and Kindle having going for them now is the non-backlit screen. For some people it is easier on the eyes if you read a lot. For me, who is used to staring at a computer screen for hours on end, it doesn't really matter.
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    What size iPad did you buy? And how much space are you using?

    i probably won't use a ton of space for apps themselves, but for me, I have a ton of movies I plan to use my Ipad for. So I am planning to buy the 64G 3g version when it comes out for sale.
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    Wondershare Launches DVD/Video to iPad Converter

    The blu-ray would actually look better as you can rip it up to 720p resolution, but as you say, for space purposes you might be better off just using the lesser resolution. The normal dvd version is only going to be 480p.
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    Wondershare Launches DVD/Video to iPad Converter

    Occasionally you will find a dvd that handbrake hangs up on (example: Transporter 3) but it may not do it for every user. I haven't found a fix for those few dvds it does give errors on though. Also, for the one who asked, you DO indeed need a decrypter to make videos from copy-protected dvds.
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    iPad Pages Question

    Unfortunately that is something I can't answer as I haven't used the product, only read about it. Maybe it is something you could look up on the apple site in their manuals section or something...
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    iPad Pages Question

    As far as I know it saves automatically as you type. There shouldn't be any need to actively save a document.
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    Can the Ipad be re-registered to a new user?

    Hello all. Was curious about re-registering an Ipad. If I was to buy a wifi Ipad now and use it until I get my 3G one, could I somehow de-register the wifi one so I could then give it to my aunt to use? Or is it not possible? Thanks for any help.