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    AirPlay mirroring

    How did you test your network? Sounds like you ran a speedtest. That measures the speed of your Internet connection, not the speed of your network. I have a 50Mbps Internet connection, but I was having trouble streaming from computer to ATV3. My router was an Apple Time Capsule. I swapped...
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    What is a good case that works with the smart cover?

    Incase magnetic snap case is great. It doesn't add bulk and gives a third option for the stand position that is great for typing. Incase Magnetic Snap Case for New iPad 3 - Black Frost CL60137: Computers & Accessories
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    Muisc on Ipad

    Once you have successfully synced your device with a cable once, you can set up the iPad to sync wirelessly. Just go to System Preference, General, and select Wi-Fi Sync. Works great! Just make sure both your computer and iPad are on the same wireless network.
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    Mobile verson of sites

    Another option when there is nothing hiding down at the bottom of the page is to use an alternative browser such as Atomic Browser. You can set this to identify as desktop Safari or even 3 different versions of Internet Explorer. This works consistently for me, but I'd love to do that from...
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    Can ipad be used abroard via 3g?

    Yes, the international plans are way too expensive. I'm not as confident about the local SIM option, but you could explore it. Kevin, I'd love to see that iPad 4 HD mini!!!! Is that your wish list or code name for the iPhone? :)
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    Share iPad VPN connection with a computer

    iPad tethering isn't available (at least on AT&T) at this point. It does for an iPhone with the Mobile Hotspot option. If you have a Mac with an Ethernet connection, you can share that connection with any other device through the wi-fi. It's in system preferences, Sharing, then Internet...
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    Send to printer app?

    I don't find the need to print all that often, but when I do find something and Airprint is not enabled -- I find it easy to take a screen shot (pushing the front button and top button at the same time) and then printing from the camera app. Works great in a pinch.
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    HELP with Apps & Folders

    I've downloaded far too many apps -- over 400 at this point. I organize them by function such as Office Apps for Quick Office, DocsToGo, and the Apple Suite. I have a folder for remote access to work and home computers, another for browsers, one for utilities, reading apps, music apps, video...
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    Wireless A/N 5GHz Router connection

    Works fine for me too, although the iPad definitely prefers the 2.4Ghz signal -- by that, I mean it usually selects the 2.4Ghz signal as it has a stronger signal. Why are you set on using the 5Ghz band? You really won't notice the difference.
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    Airprint activator for windows

    This worked pretty well for me. Try this link... How to Install AirPrint to Enable Wireless Printing on Windows?
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    Bad day at Apple store

    I agree you should push hard with the store manager, but at the end of the day, it doesn't sound like it was their fault. They are basically offering a "goodwill" discount to you. I have a hard time saying they should have guard rails and that sort of thing. One other option you could consider...
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    iTunes U - thoughts?

    I like it. It's all recorded and there is no recognition for taking it. You'll have to dazzle your audience with your new found knowledge! :)
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    iPad compared to Galaxy Tab - My Thoughrs

    Just shut off LTE if you don't need it or aren't in an area that has it. By design, it will use more battery life. In reality it isn't bad. I'm sitting in an all-day meeting that started at 8:30am. I've been on iPad the whole time (no comment), LTE is working great, and as of 3:00pm, I still...
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    Help!! i think my iPad is infected with a virus.

    Agreed. That's definitely not a virus. Worse case scenario is your e-mail has been hacked. You could change your mail password if you think that is the case. I agree that you should just delete the note though.
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    Web page?

    This is a tough one. It uses some scripts and add-ons for IE. I tried it on a number of browsers with IE emulation, but no luck. Looks like you have two options. The free option: Use a remote desktop app and run IE on the remote computer. The paid option: use the OnLive app and subscribe to...
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    Ipad 3 stopped putting Sent files in the Sent Folder. How can I fix this?

    Got to your mail settings. Make sure archive is off and them check that sent messages are set to map to the sent folder.
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    App Store Unavailable

    Could be a problem with your apple ID. Try going to and then manage your apple id. I had the same problem a week or so ago.
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    Passcode fail

    Doesn't he use iTunes to load the content? If so, he can restore the iPod to factory settings, then just plug in and sync to iTunes. No worries!
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    Guide: Creating Safari Bookmarklets

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Find my ipad? Oh really?

    There is no benefit to them being near each other. The service uses the Internet.
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    wifi hard drive

    I have 3 options for you: Airstash which let's you use any SD card and broadcasts using an ad-hoc wi-fi connection. I believe it is now under the Maxell brand -- it was independent when i got it. Kingston Wi-Drive works the same way, but has fixed memory (no SD or USB) -- comes in 16 or 32...
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    Got a Verizon ipad 2 64gb 3g but...

    It should be on the top left of the device right around the side/back. You need to posit out using a pin in the hole.
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    IOS5 created for iPad 3 use with no home button?

    What about Siri? Not sure how to access Siri without the button....
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    HEELLPP. need more memory!!!!

    No spam here, just the wrong address -- I meant AirStashâ„¢: wireless flash drive + pocket media server + SD adapter for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. It gives similar functionality, but cheaper, more portable, etc. I have an earlier generation of hyper drive -- it worked, but very clunky. The...
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    HEELLPP. need more memory!!!!

    Check out It works great for videos, music, and docs!
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    Iphone 3GS tethering to my iPad 16gb WiFi only

    Sorry, but you can't power your iPad from your iPhone without jail breaking. Sounds like AT&T will be allowing iPhones to be a "my fi" spot shortly(after Verizon releases same). That will definitely work if made available.
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    Apple support

    While everyone here is supplying reasonable observations, be careful with your question. There is a difference between support (we can fix it and expect it to work just as when we purchased it) and ability to upgrade (get new features through firmware and expect it to work similar to a newer...
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    Tasks - Sync with Outlook

    Scott is correct. Do you use OWA to access e-mail from home? Those are the settings you need. For example, your user id is likely your e-mail address. Your server name is probably If that doesn't work, post your settings and maybe the group can help. Michael
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    Tasktask HD - Sync with Outlook Exchange

    Make sure you enter your settings for OWA. That did it for me. Don't enter domain, use e-mail address for user id, and server should be for OWA -- maybe
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    Tasks - Sync with Outlook

    There are two apps I am aware of that sync with Exchange. Task Task HD is the best as it can sync both "real" tasks and flagged e-mails. eTask is also good, but only syncs "real" tasks.
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    iPad charger verses iPhone charger

    And by just fine, you mean ridiculously slow. Why bother? Use the iPad charger.
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    iPad charger verses iPhone charger

    iPad charger good for iPhone 4 Ipad charger is fine for iPhone 4, but not the other way around as described by another poster. Always check for the two amps if you are going to buy a 3rd party charger or it will charge horribly slow. Most PC USB ports are also only 1 amp, so that method will...
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    Best iPad PDF reader?

    I'd say PDF Expert. Nice viewer and annotations transfer back with PDF.