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  1. JodiJ

    Email, CardDAV

    Thank you everyone! I waited 12 hrs and changed my password. No worries. Jodi
  2. JodiJ

    Email, CardDAV

    I have tried this suggestion. I have called yahoo and have to wait for 12 hrs because my account is locked. However; after the 12 hr it should work? But the cardDAV is going to reappear and I dont know what it wants...
  3. JodiJ

    Email, CardDAV

    I understand your prompts however; it's not working.
  4. JodiJ

    Email, CardDAV

    But my password isn't working?
  5. JodiJ

    Email, CardDAV

    I woke up this morning to an error on my ipad. It was asking for a cardDAV passwork? Now my yahoo email is not excepting my password and i seem to be locked out. Some please help. Thank you, jodi
  6. JodiJ


    Why do I have all three bars but horrible, horrible service. I can't enjoy crackle, you tube, iswifter
  7. JodiJ


    Thanks, that sounds like a no
  8. JodiJ


    My safari , tmz, free text,crackle, and words with friends will open everywhere at other wifi hot spots but not at my home wifi. Other apps that definitely require Internet are opening like my magic jax and I downloader and this ipf app... I have restarted the iPad and erased and re downloaded...
  9. JodiJ

    Wifi and photos

    Double question How do I fully delete photos? Why do I have all bars for wifi but horrible loading times and horrible service when other times the wifi is perfect? Any help, is appreciated ...
  10. JodiJ

    Emailing videos...

    OKay, when I try to email a video even if it is only three minutes the iPad tells me it's to long and to shorten it. Thus, having to send two emails so the recipient can view it in its entirety . Hwow do I send the full video? Please, help.
  11. JodiJ

    Ipad 2 camera

    The camera quality is very disappointing !
  12. JodiJ

    New or usefull apps?

    Some apps that are worth the money? If you list an app please, tell me what it does and how it works. Thank you, Jodi
  13. JodiJ

    Question About Contacting Ex-Boyfriend

    Eight years. Broke up one year ago.
  14. JodiJ

    Question About Contacting Ex-Boyfriend

    I can respect that however; no one will question my authenticity. No manipulation tactics !
  15. JodiJ

    Question About Contacting Ex-Boyfriend

    Thank you, I welcome any thoughts or suggestions!
  16. JodiJ

    Question About Contacting Ex-Boyfriend

    Y ex boyfriends mother passed away in November and I haven't spoken to him since the service. I don't want to intrude on his grief and disrupt his life anymore however ; I want to make sure he is okay. Would a simple email be okay? I don't want to stand idol during this difficult time for him...
  17. JodiJ

    Useful apps

    Am looking for fun or useful apps regardless of how much it cost. Any suggestions are welcomed ? Thank toy, jj
  18. JodiJ

    Wifi range

    This morning I lost all Internet connection it is now 1 pm and the Internet just started again! I love the iPad but it can be stressful. I reset all my settings and shut the springboard down. I have tried everything. I hope this is not going to be an expensive fix. I have a small fortune...
  19. JodiJ


    Good afternoon! What do you think of green poison?
  20. JodiJ


    Does jail breaking make the iPad run slower? Also, if I erase the jailbreak will it look as if I never did it? Will apple ever know that I didn't if I go in and have work on my iPad done? Thank you, jodi
  21. JodiJ


    Kay, will ur iPad run slower after a jailbreak? Also, if u jailbreak and decide to erase all contains of a jailbreak will it appear as thou it never happened? Ie going to apple and having them still honor the insurance protection plan?
  22. JodiJ

    Installing Custom iPad App on Another iPad

    Is that a free service?
  23. JodiJ


    Any new apps for ipad2 users ?
  24. JodiJ


    Any cool free new apps for ipad2 on cydia or iTunes
  25. JodiJ


    I have cydia on my ipad2 and now my you tube connection is a lot showers and the videos freeze or don't finish loading. Is this caused by cydia or my wifi?
  26. JodiJ


    Thank you, it's not my wireless so what options can I use on my iPad alone?
  27. JodiJ


    Good Evening! Okay, so i have an ipad2 5.0.1 so why is it so slow to watch you tube and other streamlined videos? Can this be fixed? I already reset everything. Any help is participated . Thank you, JJ