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    Notes Safe

    Is "1Password" similar to "KEEPASS"? Also, if I delete a "Note" can it or any part of it (ss#) be retrieved?
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    Notes Safe

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    Notes Safe

    Thanks! What is a "root file system"? What would you suggest I do at this time since I have already stored ss# & passwords.
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    Notes Safe

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    Notes Safe

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    Notes Safe

    I have a lot of personal info (passwords, social security numbers, etc.) stored in the NOTE section of the iPad. Is this safe? If it isn't, what do you suggest I do?
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    Search E-maîl

    Is there a way to search e-mail?
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    Calendar help

    When I pay a bill, I enter it onmy calendar. When I go back to see what I entered the previous month it is no loger there. Please help!
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    Scrolling too fast

    When I am in a site, my i-Pad scrolls too fast and some time it even goes back to previous. Is there a way to slow it dow n?
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    Photo E-Mail Help

    How do I email more than one photo at a time?
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    My iPad is completely unresponsive. It won't even allow me to turn it off!
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    Recommend a forum for ipad nano

    I know that this forum is only for iPads. Please recommend a forum as responsive as this one for iPod Nanos.
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    dark unreponsive ipad

    This fixed the problem! I hope that the fix is permanent. I don't think I could live without my IPAD. Do you know how to back up the info (especially in notes, contacts, and the calendar (appointments)?
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    dark unreponsive ipad

    no the following post fixed the problem
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    dark unreponsive ipad

    My ipad is odark and unreponsive, as.if it is
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    Ipad sync control

    In other worse, I would like to pick and choose what is synced from my desk top to my iPad.
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    In other words, I would like to pick and choose what is synced from my desk top pc to my lap top.

    In other words, I would like to pick and choose what is synced from my desk top pc to my lap top.
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    Simple question from a simpleton!

    Thanks, Thanks!
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    Ipad sync control

    I know that I have asked this before; but I can't seem to find the answer in fornum search. How do I control what is synced to my ipad?
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    E-mail Spell check

    I thought that IOS 5 was a new iPad, not an update! How do I get this update? What is "jailbreak"?
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    Simple question from a simpleton!

    Forgive me but I still do not understand how to use the icons.
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    Simple question from a simpleton!

    How do I use the icons at the top of the post? When I depress for instance "BOLD" (B) before I type it gives me " " . If I type and highlight what I want bold I get the following: following, the word that I wanted bold in the middle! It seems so simple,but I cannot figure it out.
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    E-mail Spell check

    That does not help me since I do not have an IOS 5. That is the problem with technology, the instant that you purchase something it is improved!
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    E-mail Spell check

    The spell check can be enabled in Settings/General/Keyboard/Check Spelling. However you can not disable check spelling witout disbaling Auto Correction. The spell check works as you type. It does not check the entire e-mail after you have typed as the spell check in OUTLOOK. Also, it does not...
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    E-mail Spell check

    Does the ipad have auto sell check on e-mai? If so, how do I actvate (turn on) this feature?
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    Open Desktop receiving e-mails and not ipad

    Sometimes my iPad receives the email in addition to the desktop computer and sometimes not! Where do I find "client" on my desktop computer (I have Outlook Express)
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    Open Desktop receiving e-mails and not ipad

    It seems that the desktop competes with the iPad in receiving e-mails. When the desk top computer is open the e-mails go to the desktop and not the iPad. Is the only solution to this problem is to make sure the desktop computer is shut down?
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    Select / Copy / paste

    I have trouble selecting more than one word to copy. When I hold my stylus down and I tap "select" only the next word is highlighted and I try to drag the stylus down to highlight the section that I want to copy and nothing is highlighted.
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    Not receiving e-mails

    I am not receiving any e-mails. The icon still shows checking for new e-mails. I went into "SETTINGS" and may have changed my I-pad e-mail password.
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    E-mails-sometimes yes&sometmes no

    Why did you move my thread? Where are resource? I guess I do not know how The I-Pad Forum works.
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    E-mails-sometimes yes&sometmes no

    ADMIN-Bounced e-mails The iPad is still bouncing back the e-mails back and sending an ADMIN message to me although I have deleted all but two e-mails from all mail boxes & accounts (inbox, trash, drafts, etc.). What do I need to do?
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    E-mails-sometimes yes&sometmes no

    TWERPPOET, Thanks! The icon is still "checking for mail".
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    E-mails-sometimes yes&sometmes no

    Sometimes I receive and am able to send e-mails and sometimes I can not. Any suggestions? is there a "send/receive" button on the iPad as is on my desk top and lap top computers?
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    Data question

    In Feb I asked a question about data connection. I have a question about the response I received from Twerppoet: "You can also chose to leave the Cellular data turned off except when you need it, if you don't mind missing push notifications for email and such when you don't have Wifi." if I...
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    Make the first letter a lower case letter and controlling the "touch" correction.

    Is there a way to make the first letter after a period lower case? I have tried typing the first letter that I want in lower case twice to no avail. Also is there a better way to control the touch correct? I find myself deleting the entire line to correct a mistake rather than trying to...
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    IPad Jumps from one area to another

    Sometimes when I am reading the iPad moves back to the top without me touching anything. Can someone explain this?
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    3G vs 4G

    What is the difference between 3G and 4G? My iPad is 3G.
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    Moving back while in a search engine

    How does one move a page back when the back arrow is not available?
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    E-Mail contact sync

    Help, Is there away to select what syncs? I want to sync my e-mail contacts without syncing anything else.
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    Data connection

    Thanks! :)