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  1. J

    iPad users' router experience

    I'm trying to choose a wireless router for my new iPad 2, and getting more & more confused. Please help - Will your iPad connect well to a router in another room?What's the maximum range from router at which your iPad gets a good connection?Your router make & model?Your satisfaction rating for...
  2. J

    Best wifi router for iPad2 on TalkTalk broadband

    I need to choose a wifi router to suit my new iPad 2. I have not used wifi yet. I understand that many people have had a lot of trouble with iPad wifi connections, so I'm looking for a router that will do the job properly. I am not very technically minded but can follow simple instructions! I...
  3. J

    Hi from new member & iPad owner

    Hello, I'm Jean, recently an iPad 2 owner, looking forward to connecting it to wifi to surf the net and find interesting things to read and discover. I currently use a PC with wired internet, and my immediate concern is choosing a wireless router that will provide hassle-free conection. I'm...