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    RTF editor app

    Is there any rich text format (RTF compatible) editor app in iPad which can open/save RTF documents from Dropbox, Onedrive etc.? Thanx
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    Why stylus needs charging?

    I had an old stylus (with blunt tip) which still works. However, I thought better to get one with pointed nib. But I am surprised to learn those require charging! What is the reason for that?
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    What will happen to my apps if i upgrade?

    My iPad 1 is jail broken on 4.3.2 and I have installed many apps via Cydia and other app stores. If I upgrade to iOS 5, do I lose all those apps?
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    iCloud is heaven!

    Dropbox was doing it all the time. Apple is quite good at making people believe what they are doing is first in the industry even though they are not. Of course due credit to their marketing team with huge budget.
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    Excel Pivot Tables

    No, you need real Excel for that.
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    Note Taker HD vs. Notes Plus

    Notetaker HD is better. The latest update is really good. Notes plus is buggy. Especially if you write fast it will miss some strokes. The best two handwritten notes apps are Notetaker HD and UPAD.
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    The Best 20 Free productivity apps

    Springpad Simplenote UPAD lite (free) Idea Sketch GoTasks Neu Draw Neatlist
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    iPad and using MS word (or similar)?

    Here is a comparison matrix I prepared. iPad Office app comparison.xls - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage
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    Dropbox and Numbers

    You can send your file from Numbers to via webdav (free). Then download the file from to your Windows computer.
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    Do I need my laptop any longer?

    iPad is a bridge between smart phones and laptops. It is not as powerful as laptops. Even if you just surf net on laptop, it still offers Flash, DVD burning, file system etc. Without a laptop, where do you back up your data? :)
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    buying apps. so true....

    There is a psychological barrier for paying digital apps. People won't mind paying for physical goods. Also no one just buys one single app for $1. People have to buy many of them (and many of them turn out to be crap) which does add up the cost. This puts people off from buying more apps even...
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    I have tried all of these - UPAD, NoteTaker HD, Notes Plus, Noteshelf My conclusion is that Upad and Notetaker HD are the best. Upad has best handwriting and easiest to use. NTHD has a steeper learning curve but offers more features. Notesplus is buggy and if you write fast it misses...
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    Quickoffice pro hd or documents to go premium or others

    If your documents will spend their entire lives on iPad and you don't really need seamless integration with desktop Microsoft Office documents, then iWork is most powerful. However its cloud support is minimal. If you want to edit same Office documents in both desktop and iPad then there is no...
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    What is the best ipad 2 note taking apps

    I agree with above comments. No device can beat pen and paper for taking notes. It is just so much faster and efficient :-)
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    iOS 5 vs Jailbreak

    Jail breaking allows you to access iPad's file system and become root user. Then you can bypass appstore and install any app you want as you install programs in Windows computer. §- Never suggest to users seeking advice on jailbreaking that piracy is a benefit of jailbreaking on these forums...
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    iOS 5 vs Jailbreak

    You can do many things with jailbroken iPad which Apple won't allow even in iOS 10 :D
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    Opening RTFD file in Windows

    The popular note taking app Notability exports document (containing images) in RTFD format. Although this is supported in Mac, I can't find any Windows application which can edit RTFD files! The file opens as a zip file in Windows and although I can read the text the images are separated from...
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    Flow chart / database modelling

    For flowchart, Touch Draw is a good bet. For database modelling, I'd rather prefer a Windows laptop.
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    Notes Plus

    I am another one who never felt comfortable with Notes Plus. I guess majority of users who praise Notes Plus did not try other apps. I found Notes Plus very buggy and when I write fast, the handwriting looks appalling!
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    File Management Apps

    To get what you want, you need to jailbreak your iPad. Then its just like a standard Unix file system.
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    What is the best ipad 2 note taking apps

    Another vote for UPAD. It is still better than Noteshelf, Notetaker HD and Notes Plus. Others may have more features, but UPAD's handwriting looks far better than all of them.
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    NotetakerHD Update

    But I am surprised why he has such a poor aesthetics sense! The Notetaker HD's earlier interface was quite poor. This version is much better even though I'm disappointed with zoom mode auto advance feature is not working as I expected.
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    What are the best blogging apps for ipad ? Specifically for blogger, wordpress etc

    Blogsy is ok. But I'd prefer to post from a computer instead.
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    Skype error on jailbroken ipad

    I got a popup that it works in unmodified iOS device only! Does not feel like it is not working though.
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    Most overrated and underrated iPad apps?

    Yes, Pages does open documents but it is not seamless cloud integration. You can't directly open and save the file on You need to import/export.
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    Distribute an app turned down by Apple's app store

    If you just upload the ipa file somewhere can we not just download and install your app?
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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    What is the new rule about in app purchase? :o
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    Most overrated and underrated iPad apps?

    What are your recommendation for most over & under rated iPad apps? Mine will be: Overrated - Notes Plus - buggy and very laggy handwriting. Noteshelf, Notetaker HD, UPAD are all better. iWork - the lack of cloud support makes them almost unusable in spite of having best features...
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    How to zoom in Pages?

    In Office 2 HD, by pinching I can zoom/unzoom font sizes. Is it possible in Pages, if yes how? I tried pinch option in Pages but it increases the font size only very little.
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    Sending photos to Dropbox

    Thanks very much.
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    Sending photos to Dropbox

    What is the best way to send photos (from built in Photo app) to Dropbox?
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    Anyone writing a book on their Ipad 2?

    I have authored two books in the past so I think I can advise on this :) Composing long documents in iPad is tough. Once document goes over 20 pages it becomes tedious to navigate. In the past all my 100+ pages documents were composed in Word 2003/2007. iPad is not suitable for my books...
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    Splashtop screen resolution issue

    Yes that worked but it left lower bit of iPad screen blank :(
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    Ipad 2 for business still a long way to reality

    iPad was developed as a personal entertainment device replacing netbook and was never intended to be a business PC. Business applications need good hardware and people need to be productive. Typing on a keyboard is much faster than touch typing on iPad screen. This problem alone sufficient to...
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    Splashtop screen resolution issue

    When I log in to my Windows laptop via iPad, it works fine, but my laptop screen resolution changes from 1440*900 to 800*600. It reverts back when I close the Splashtop service in laptop. Is there any way to prevent it changing the laptop screen resolution?
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    What do you mean by jailbreaking?

    +1 Apple do not want people to understand internal bits of iPad because it will hurt their commercial interest. The most powerful outcome of jailbreak is access to iPad's filesystem. It is nothing but Unix (a Debian flavour to be precise). Once you become a root user and know how to use a Unix...
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    avi files on Ipad ?

    Not exactly sure but I think VLC player can play AVI files. VLC has been pulled out of appstore, but if your ipad is jailbroken you can install it via external sources.
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    Word on ipad2

    Yes but it still no match with Dropbox sync where I can open same document in PC and then again on iPad without going through rigmarole of uploading/downloading/emailing multiple versions of same document. I use Office 2 HD even though it is overall inferior product compared to iWork suite, it...
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    and the nominations are???

    Simplenote & Dropbox