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    Non-3G iPad with AT&T 3G Air Card possible?

    Apple now has that Iphone Tethering plan... That might work, but you lose unlimited data plan...
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    2-Year iPad Warranty Only $83.99 (includes drops & spills)

    Send me$50 and I'll insure your ipad for 3 years.......:D
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    Outlook Contacts to iPad

    Yes, works like a charm.. It's the same method for transferring contacts to an iPhone.
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    Infrared remote control

    Good description, but had anyone USED this on the iPad?
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    Soon To Be A Proud PaPa...

    Awesome! Welcome to the site, your new addiction!
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    Great Ipad case

    Just checked office , no luck with searching.. Got a link, or pics ?
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    Am I the only one that has changed how I eat because of the iPad?

    I hold a small hand towel... Or try to eat fast then iPad!
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    Welcome! Ipads are just so darn addictive!
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    Noooo! my IPad got knocked off my desk!

    Me too, gonna wait on the prices to go down... Then get some iPad armor!
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    Is this offensive?

    It's a game... And there definitely is a market for it...
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    iPad and facebook

    Hopefully they will make an official iPad app like the iPhone app....:(
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    Noooo! my IPad got knocked off my desk!

    Got pics of the damage to the case? Great idea with the case.
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    iPad User Guide (PDF & ePub)

    Thanks for that "g" tip! Awesome resource.
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    Big WiFi performance improvement

    Thanks for that tip, I've seen that mentioned somewhere else too!
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    Just got my HHI leatherette flip case.

    Well, this has been an interesting thread...and yes, this is my second post :) so take it easy on me. I ordered one and it should be here Monday. Either way, thanks for the link, err info on the deal... Great price and low shipping!
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    Security APP ?s

    I use My Eyes Only for the Iphone.. hopefully it will get support for Ipad.
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    We have two!

    Well, I finally broke down and purchased an Ipad 64GB Wi-fi. My wife had bought the 32GB Ipad on release day... we do not have 3G service where I live, so did not need the 3G capability (yet, we both have 3G Iphones) I am glad that I found this site, and I look forward to reading the posts and...