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  1. J

    Screen protector preference?

    Had PowerSupport put on an anti-glare for me last week and it's fantastic. I'll never use another brand again. On the pricey side though, but it's quality for sure.
  2. J

    iPad2 at Fry's!

    I couldn't hate the staff at Fry's any more than I do. They're horrible. The store though.. oh.. the store.
  3. J

    Got my Oberon Cover

    Oberon makes such beautiful stuff.
  4. J

    iPad Available at Military PX

    Thanks for serving, all. You're appreciated. That's all I have to add to the conversation.
  5. J

    Blu-Ray ripper?

    Hi Jake, For DVD's I use Aiseesoft's DVD to ipad suite and it's amazing. They make a blu-ray version too which I'm sure is just as good. Well worth paying for. With every ripper I'd used prior to this I'd have sync issues with voice/picture. No problems at all since. It'll automatically...
  6. J

    What is the best screen protector you can buy?

    The general consensus on most boards I go to is that the Power Support USA Anti-glare screen protector is the best one you can get. Zagg's version is too tacky to easily drag your finger across. I've got the Power Support version and it's fantastic. I've tried the Zagg and there is no contest.
  7. J

    What is the perfect game for me to start with??

    Plants vs zombies!
  8. J

    Just received my Vaja Leather Case!

    Very nice Greg. Congrats. I really love the one on the far right in the pic, but can't find any info on it.
  9. J

    OK,, I take it back...

    Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. Between this and the video of the lady who hasn't been able to read or write in years finding the same sort of thing with her ipad are amazing.
  10. J

    Need a 3G Ipad by tomorrow morning

    I'm in Southern Cali and I called at least 6 Apple stores and 5 Best Buy stores yesterday with no luck. Wish I'd known about the Glendale store... I picked up a wifi version and will trade it for a 3g version and pay the restocking fee I guess. I have a Blackberry and can't tether. Being able...
  11. J

    Need a 3G Ipad by tomorrow morning

    Pretty sure your only option is going to be paying a couple hundred bucks more to someone on craigslist. I've been searching high and low for a 3g model as well with no luck.
  12. J

    Google to Start Selling e-Books

    Didn't they start scanning every book ever published a bunch of years ago? There are a bunch of books I'd love to get that aren't available yet from the other merchants. The ability to search with phrases would be very cool too if they could do that.
  13. J

    Observations after two days w/ 3G

    David, Re: ZAG - before you take that leap do some research online. Most folks find that the Zag products are too tacky feeling to slide your finger across the screen easily. I highly suggest PhantomSkinz products. I've had one on my Pre for months and it's fantastic. I had the PS installed at...
  14. J

    Apple iPad 3G is here!

    Hi Dana, Try this: AT&T: How to set up a new Cellular Data account on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G
  15. J

    99-Year Old Woman Has Had Her Life Changed By the iPad

    Wonderful! What a treat it must be to be able to read again.
  16. J

    Plants vs. Zombies HD Slays iPad Owners

    Wow you guys are cheap! =) It's well worth the $10.
  17. J

    PC to Ipad streaming video

    Wow! Just downloaded this. It's amazing. How the hell do they do that?
  18. J

    First Engraved iPad

    Looks awesome! Can you give us an idea of what you'd charge for that service if you were to do it? Just trying to ballpark here. Also, are there certain settings we should tell the engraver so they don't melt a hole in the middle of my precious?