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    PC Photos

    application Photo-Sort HD
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    iPad 4.02 jailbreak

    I don't think v3.2.2 even has a jailbreak from what I have read...
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    Download mp3 Directly to iPad

    Yes and no.... There is a program called 'Downloads HD' that will allow you to download almost all files. When you open the program, its interface looks like a regular browser. I tested going to a website that offers free(and paid/legal) mp3s and it worked fine. I was not able to import it into...
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    iPad apps for college

    I start school soon myself and this is what I have tested and have been using: 'WhiteNote'. I can type text, write text(I use Pogo Sketch stylus), record sound and insert it into the doc and insert photos. I then can save the file locally on the IPad or it has the option to upload your document...
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    ZooGue Case Review

    Ordered mine Sunday and got it Wednesday...very fast indeed. I am pretty impressed with the case so far. Much better than the Apple case I had... I can tell this one is going to be much more durable. Great product and great business!
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    Web Browsers

    Thank you...I too was looking for this info and it worked great!
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    No Tethered Hulu.....WTF!!

    maybe you could figure out some type of VPN solution
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    How well does Air Video work on moderate to slow connections?

    gentlefury is correct...I use the SpeedTest app first to get an idea of the speed I will be getting Here is a breakdown of the settings I use...I hope it is not too convoluted :) (again, what is good quality is totally subjective for all of us) Bad Area 3G ----------- Downstream from...
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    How well does Air Video work on moderate to slow connections?

    As far as 3G it really depends on the area you are in...if you are receiving a great 3G signal and getting your full 3G speed, the quality can be good(but not great) - you have the option in the global settings to change the bit-rate and tinker with it a bit. In a bad 3G coverage area, the...
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    I read exactly what Samurai did on Apple's site before I got my IPad delivered. But now the Apple website says: What are the 3G data plan options from AT&T? "There are two monthly data plans: 250MB or 2GB. There’s no contract, and you can sign up and change your service right on your iPad...
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    "Ordered mine 6/5 will get it 6/24 well beyond the 6/7 cut-off. I hope I got in under the wire - that's why I pulled the trigger when I did." You should be ok...I got mine today...3 days early - yay! And as noted above, everything is all good as far as the unlimited 3G service. I actually had 3...
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    I spoke to Apple today and they said that they have worked it out to show the option on the Ipad to choose the unlimited plan for those who qualified. :)
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    Any way is good for me as long as I get the Unlimited Plan. Exactly ;)
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    I ordered my Ipad wifi/3g on 6/2/10. I guess this might be a question more suited for Apple or AT&T but I will ask you think the firmware will still have the option to choose unlimited 3g(since it is before June 6th) or do you think we will have to call AT&T for that and say Apple...