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  1. chisaki

    Multiplayer games

    Is there a list of multiplayer iPad games that play over the bluetooth/wifi?
  2. chisaki

    help with backup

    The hard drive, on my computer, that had most of my music and music videos crashed. The music and videos are still on my iPad. Is there a way I can safely save the music/videos to my computer? I have been afraid to sync the iPad for fear of loosing the music.
  3. chisaki

    Would you buy an IPAD 1 now?

    I would consider buying an iPad1 only if they were half price or less for a new unit.
  4. chisaki

    Internet speed test app

    What is the best iPad internet speed test app? I have "Speed Test for iPad" but it gives such inconsistent results that I don't believe the results.
  5. chisaki

    Recommendations for someone elderly

    Most elderly have some sight degradation and have trouble reading small print. Although much larger that the iPhone/IpodTouch, the iPad still has small print. I say try them and see if they are comfortable with it and can read the small print.
  6. chisaki

    Why are people complaining about flash support?

    Without flash, the iPad is useless for internet browsing. I don't even attempt to use it for that. It is an entertainment toy for me. It's great for playing videos, movies and music. Playing games is even limited. The only type of games it will play is those controlled by touch. Even with all...
  7. chisaki

    iPad replacing school books?

    Replacing Textbooks: iPads Become Mandatory for School - Catherine Forsythe - Open Salon
  8. chisaki

    iPad replacing school books?

    "In Knoxville [Tennessee}, the Webb school is making an iPad mandatory. Students from the fourth grade onward will be expected to have an iPad for school work. If the expense of the iPad is prohibitive, the school offers a leasing plan." I think that to replace school books in K-12 students...
  9. chisaki

    video converter cucusoft

    I tried and had bad luck with cucusoft converters. I now use "Danisoft Video Converter Ultimate Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate ? Disable DRM license, Rip DVD Convert Video . It will convert any audio or video file to any format. It will also rip DVD's to any format. Movies can be converted...
  10. chisaki

    Airprint for windows and AVG firewall

    Airprint for windows works fine if I disable my AVG firewall. I can't get it to work with the firewall enabled. Anyone know how to configure the AVG firewall to allow airprint for windows?
  11. chisaki


    I have the same problem, also have avg internet protection and firewall. Airprint does work IF I disable the AVG firewall. Does anyone know how to configure the AVG firewall so Airprint will work with it ON?
  12. chisaki

    Ipad has serious wifi problems

    When I configured my E3000 I gave different SSID names to the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. That way it is easy to tell the iPad which one to connect to. Having the same name for both frequencies can sometimes cause problems.
  13. chisaki

    what does your ipad do?

    It entertains me with games, movies and music. I use a laptop for serious work.
  14. chisaki

    Ipad has serious wifi problems

    I'll second the Cisco E3000. I have one and my iPad connected to it out of the box and has never failed to give max lines and top speeds. I can even go next door and it still is connected. It also connects flawlessly at McDonalds and Starbucks as well as many hotels and airports around the country.
  15. chisaki

    Airprint - lack of uptake?

    Apple iPad Tablet: iPad airprint with Epson printers There is also a driver for Windows computers that allow easy printing through airprint to any attached printer, providing the windows computer is online, it works as well as a HP airprint printer.
  16. chisaki

    bluetooth paring iPad to pc to use pc speakers

    I have been trying to do this. I can't get it to work. Has anyone been able to do this? I do get to the point where the code is presented on the iPad but after entering it, it won't connect.
  17. chisaki

    MobileMe is Awesome! Recovered stolen iPad

    It uses the Skyhook database. It can be accurate to within a few meters in some areas.
  18. chisaki

    MobileMe is Awesome! Recovered stolen iPad

    These features (lock and wipe) would not work if the thief was familiar with the device. He would simply disable mobileme in settings. To make find my iPhone useful, Apple should require the password be entered to disable mobileme.
  19. chisaki

    Upside down

    I just downloaded 3D Pool Master Pro, it shows up in the landscape mode upside down. It won't rotate to correct itself. This is the first time this has happened. I could just turn the iPad over but my case is set up with the volume buttons on top. Is there anyway to make it rotate?
  20. chisaki

    14 tips to save your battery

    Soooo.. true. Discharging it once a month is recommended to keep the battery charge indicator calibrated. It does nothing for battery life.
  21. chisaki

    Ok now this is getting ridiculous..Ipad Video

    If your videos show up without thumbnail pictures and/or labels; it is because no thumbnail or titles have been entered in the files tag. You need to get a program like mp3Tag V2 to enter titles and thumbnails before you import the video to the iTunes. Also make sure the correct genre is enter...
  22. chisaki

    MobileMe is Awesome! Recovered stolen iPad

    I wonder who configured MobileMe on her iPad. If she had configured it, she should have known about it and how to lock it and find it. Mine did NOT come configured.
  23. chisaki

    iPad charger verses iPhone charger

    The iPad will charge fine on a 1 amp charger or 1 amp USB port when it is turned off. It will charge a lot slower than if the 2 amp charger were used. The iPad appears to draw over 1 amp when it is turned on so it will not charge on a 1 amp charger when turned on. It will however, discharge at...
  24. chisaki

    iPad vs. MacBook air

    I usually respect CNET's opinions, but this time they are full of owl dung. The MBA will do everything the iPad can do AND a WHOLE LOT MORE. If I had it to do over, I would get the MBA. The iPad is just a larger iPod Touch, the MacBook Air is a REAL computer. It has a larger screen than the...
  25. chisaki

    Does your iPad gets heavier over time?

    Mine felt surprisingly heavy right out of the box. I then realized that hand holding it would not be possible for me. Maybe you macho guys can do it but for me a few minutes holding it in one hand is fatiguing.
  26. chisaki

    simple question what did you buy your ipad for

    I bought it for entertainment while on trips. I can watch my own movies, listen to my music and play games. Since getting it, it has proved useful for a few other things but I still always carry my lap top.
  27. chisaki

    Will you buy the iPad 2?

    So what is wrong with a statement that is 100% true?
  28. chisaki

    Will you buy the iPad 2?

    No way, if I replace my iPad anytime in the near future it will be with a MacBook Air. Bigger screen, faster processor, more memory, almost the same weight, and a whole more functionality.
  29. chisaki

    Question for all about different versions

    I got it from the Apple Store, $829
  30. chisaki

    Question for all about different versions

    At this moment my 64GB iPad has 12GB free. Enough said!
  31. chisaki

    Why am I so angry?

    There are a few arrogant, egomaniacs posting on this forum. However, some of them are very knowledgeable and on occasion give good advice. :)
  32. chisaki

    find my phone-ha-ha

    Not stupic at all, since you can also find it on your computer. You do have a computer don't you? Just go to
  33. chisaki

    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    I did get 3G, I just have not activated it. So far I have no need for 3G so I regret getting it.
  34. chisaki

    The real reason ipad does not have flash?

    I agree 100%. Apple should change its name to Propitiatory. If they can't control it, they don't include it. To me, the iPad is useless for browsing the web without flash. I never use it for that.
  35. chisaki

    What is Ipad 4.2 real battery life

    I'm going to start putting the iPad in the airplane mode when I tuck it in for the night. That will prevent any internet use.
  36. chisaki

    What is Ipad 4.2 real battery life

    It wasn't an official post, it was from a user. It did seem to help me, I say "seem" because I haven't timed the battery drain. Other users there also stated that shutting down apps that remain active would also lower battery drain. I hate the way that apps remain open until you shut them down...
  37. chisaki

    What is Ipad 4.2 real battery life

    After 4.2 update, my battery seemed to drain much faster. I read on the Apple forum that turning off "Find My iPad" in MobileMe would extend battery life. I turned it off and battery drain seems to be back to pre 4.2 days.
  38. chisaki

    Would iPad replace my Kindle?

    No way an iPad would replace a Kindle. The Kindle weighs 8.5 ounces, the iPad weighs over 1.5 pounds. The Kindle can be read in direct sunlight, the iPad can't. For reading books, I use a Kindle. For watching movies or playing audio books, I use the iPad.
  39. chisaki

    Router, need help

    I also have the E3000, it is easy to set up and works flawlessly with my iPad and other wireless devices.