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    Newbie to the iPad

    Some icons can be disabled through restrictions. Some your stuck with unless your jailbroken.
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    Just joined.

    Welcome - I posted on your other thread.
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    Microsoft exchange email account

    Yes - what's your problem?
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    What is your biggest fear when it comes to damaging your ipad?

    Dropping it. Which happened two weeks ago. Hit the corner by the on/off switch - concrete from 5 feet is not good. On/off switch got jammed in - thanks to a friend who is apple certified repair man it was fixed. Was in a portfolio type case, have since moved back to the otterbox defender. Bulk...
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    IPF Noob

    # theads
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    Embarrassing iPad moments

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    Video converter

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    Best To Do / List App

    I like todo because it syncs with toodledo So may personal and work computer, iPad, iPhone all sync together for my tasks.
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    Best To Do / List App

    I do not believe so. When task is completed you check the box and it goes to the top line of the completed tasks list.
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    Best To Do / List App

    I thoroughly enjoy todo app.
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    Will the iPad 3 be 3D?

    If they restrict so many features on their products because they want their products to look top notch. Then know way are they going to produce something that you need glasses to view.
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    Incompatible Cydia apps??

    What iOS you running?
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    Transfering purchased apps

    No - Yes
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    Photo albums on iPad

    This allows you to add folders to the native photo app?
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    iTunes Sync Issue

    Thanks I will try when I get home.
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    iTunes Sync Issue

    Bump :)
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    iTunes Sync Issue

    When I sync my iPad after I have purchased an app my iPad no longer asks if I want to transfer my purchase to iTunes and it deletes my app and I must redownload from app store on iPad. Where in iTunes can I change this? thanks
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    white or black?

    White seems to be selling better because iPad 1 only offered black. Don't think it really matters in the long run.
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    How to save iPad photos to Dropbox?

    Dropbox is absolutely amazing!
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    Marware or Otterbox Case?

    IPad 1 defender came with a screen protector you install. I use it - I installed myself easily. I was very very careful :)
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    How do you delete useless icons??

    You can hide safari, app store, itunes, and YouTube
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    Quick wallpaper question

    You cannot find it under Settings - Winterboard - Select Themes? Try to re download the file?
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome - there is a plethora of information on these forums.
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    Marware or Otterbox Case?

    It does increase the weight significantly. I personally never minded the extra weight. I absolutely love the protection it provides.
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    Cheap iPads on penny bids.

    Y'all are absolutely correct. I got my iPad off a penny site. Worst decide I could ever make I will never do it again. I am thankfully for my iPad, I got super lucky. I don't believe in luck, but if you actually win something for less than retail on a penny site it's lucky :)
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    Goodreader Question?

    Goodreader has been crashing a couple times lately - anyone else experience this?
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    Expect ALL schoolchildren to be using iPads in the near future

    People don't use common sense - this is how we will save the education system. What a joke - thank God for homeschooling that is done right.