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    Printing to Epson Artisian 835

    You might check out Print n Share in the AppStore. I have used it to print directly to non-AirPrint compatible wireless printers.
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    Do you own more than one case?

    My new iPad is my first and I was a bit concerned that I already have 2 cases (incipio leather kickstand & zaggfolio) and just ordered a 3rd (Grove w/custom design). It feels better knowing compared to some I am just getting started. :)
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    ZaggFolio for iPad 3

    Thanks, Paul. Looking forward to my black leather zagg again! Those Oberon cases are impressive Patrizia. I picked up a leather incipio case locally last week as I needed something quick for a business trip, but I am still looking for something nicer.
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    ZaggFolio for iPad 3

    Anyone seen the black leather zaggfolio? I ordered one, but am not sure what to expect in terms of coverage, quality and fit. Second guessing myself with this extended wait time and wondering if I should have gone carbon fiber. :)