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  1. seanr7

    Modern War App alliance ID

    Please add me. I'm a daily player. 214 588 225
  2. seanr7

    Modern War App alliance ID

    Please add, I am a daily player and would like more allies 214 588 225 iPad 661 500 622 iPhone
  3. seanr7

    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    25 minute start to finish. No issues so far.
  4. seanr7

    Ipad 2 case

    I have the griffin survivor and it's a beast. The only one I know of that's passed military specs for durability. It has it's draw backs because of how bulky it is but for a classroom setting I can't think of a better case. The otterbox isn't worth the money, no full time screen protector and...
  5. seanr7

    iPad 2 keyboard case

    they are also a lot more money, I got this Rabitfish for $55 from best buy the zagg is $100 and the clamcase is $120+. WHile I do like the way they look much better, I don't like them at 2+ times the cost
  6. seanr7

    iPad 2 keyboard case

    It is ugly but I prefer functionality over style, It would be nice if I could get both!
  7. seanr7

    iPad 2 keyboard case

    bought the Rocketfish iCapsule from best buy yesterday. So far so good, no issues with connectivity with the bluetooth, much easier to type on then the iPad itself. Still not sold on it, I kept the receipt and will give it a few weeks to decide. I will update with more observations as I go@
  8. seanr7

    Modern War App alliance ID

    Please add me 214 588 225
  9. seanr7

    I might be a bit of a crumudgen...

    ...but am I the only person here that's tired of reading people complaining about dropping their iPad and the screen cracking? I mean for the love of god it's GLASS, not diamond or sapphire Chrystal. ANY glass is breakable so treat it with the same respect you'd treat any other piece of glass...
  10. seanr7

    Ipad cracked screen

    So YOU broke your screen and somehow your upset at apple??? I hope I live long enough to see the entitlement syndrome that effects, or is that infects, so many whinny give me something for nothing spoiled brats stop! Man, or woman, up and take responsibility for your actions or lack of actions.
  11. seanr7

    Downloading kindle on iPad

    Move to a region it's available in.
  12. seanr7

    Best case for ipad 2?

    Gresh, Here is a link to my review of the Survivor, the good and bad things about it
  13. seanr7

    Best case for ipad 2?

    I compared the otter box and the Griffin Survivor. I went with the survivor, it's better constructed IMO!
  14. seanr7

    Best way to protect Ipad 2

    Griffin Survivor is great protection. I wrote a review, you can use the search function to find it.
  15. seanr7

    Modern War App alliance ID

    Please add me 661 500 622 Thanks
  16. seanr7

    IPAD2 Year appear to be 2555BE!!

    You need to go into settings, go to "general" go to "international" and change your "region format". You have it set to the Buddhist calendar.
  17. seanr7

    Griffin "Survivor" review

    I have had my iPad 2 for about 4 weeks and the Survivor a few days less. First impressions, holy hell this is like wrapping my iPad in armor all the ports are covered it comes with a built in screen protector and for the most part is sand and water resistant. I love the way it looks and...
  18. seanr7

    Best Ipad case

    The otter box for the ipad2 doesn't have an integrated screen cover like it does for the iPhone. It comes with a stick on one, great luck getting in on with no air bubbles. I'm a Griffin Survivor fan, although it is a little bulky it affords the protection I need.
  19. seanr7

    What is best iPad case? (drop protection +attractive +ergomonic +not too expensive)

    Look at the Griffen Survivor. It offers massive protection meets military standards for protection against wind, sand, rain, vibrations and drops It has one downside, it makes the iPad heavier and bigger so you lose the sleek look of the iPad. It cost around $80 USD
  20. seanr7

    Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 2

    If you really want my thoughts here they are. The griffin is great for what it does but it turns a sleek light weight iPad into a relatively clunky heavy tablet. I basically need two iPad cases, one with the protection of the griffen for when my six year old is playing with it, when I'm out and...
  21. seanr7

    Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 2

    If you made accessories that would safeguard the openings from drops, kids, liquid, sand etc then I'd be interested. Not only does my daughter play with my iPad but I take mine everywhere, I'm headed to the beach in a few months and need protection from sand. I hope you guys figure out something...
  22. seanr7

    What are the accessories you use the most?

    Using the griffin "Survivor" it's awesome protection however it increases the weight.
  23. seanr7

    Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 2

    No I dont work for Griffin, I would think a better way for you to sell your product is to engage me and other skeptics in a productive conversation instead of tossing out accusations. And most people I know with kids can't keep their iPads away from them! I would like you to "sell" your...
  24. seanr7

    Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 2

    Looks like way to many open/unprotected spots. I have a six year old and wouldn't be comfortable handing her my iPad If it was in this case. I use the Griffin "Survivor" and it's damn near 6 year old proof.