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  1. DM51

    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    There is no hypocrisy; and I have a good understanding of the publishing business. It is no good just repeating "Amazon makes money off Apple." They don’t, any more than Esso makes money off GM whenever people fill up their Chevrolets. Equally, Apple won’t be making money off Amazon...
  2. DM51

    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    It is exactly what happens. The Kindle app and the availability of Kindle titles is a significant selling point for the iPad. Amazon operates on slender margins, which is why their titles are cheaper than others. It is unrealistic to suggest they would be able to fork over 30% of their...
  3. DM51

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

    When worthless nonsense degenerates into coarseness and vulgarity, it's time to call a halt to it. Members can find something more worthwhile to do with their time. Thread closed.
  4. DM51

    Hello from West Australia

    Two threads merged.
  5. DM51


    Wrong forum; failure to use search function... Closed.
  6. DM51

    Car charger

    Two threads merged. Messi1580... please do not post the same question in two places on the forum. It causes unnecessary confusion and duplication of effort, and is a contravention of Rule 4.
  7. DM51

    Being driven insane by my ipad beeping

    Interesting problem, but it's quite understandable that it's driving you crazy. All I can think is that you must have accidentally changed a setting at some stage. Try going through all your settings, such as alarms, notifications etc to see if there's something there. Either that, or there's a...
  8. DM51

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I could use an intelligent dog...
  9. DM51

    Hello - I am 87 y.o. And my ipad is my first computer

    Welcome to IPF, Mr. Dodge! :) I'll move your thread to the Help section.
  10. DM51

    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    what technical advice? Does "Don't upgrade" count as technical advice?
  11. DM51

    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    Huh? How do you do iOS updates if you don't use iTunes? :confused: But you make a good point - do I have to take some particular step to prevent iTunes installing App updates? I usually update them via the App Store. I've never noticed iTunes doing it.
  12. DM51

    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    What do you do if you accumulate a whole bunch of apps you don't want to update? It could end up being quite annoying. Is there a way you can reject the update so you don't see it on the list any more?
  13. DM51

    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    That's good news - thanks! Now all I have to remember is not to use the "update all" option in the App Store.
  14. DM51

    alternative to i tunes

    drsas, if you are trying to find an alternative method of stealing Apps, as you did in your other thread, you will receive no help from anyone here. And if you ask this question or a similar one again, you will be forcibly ejected from this forum. Thread closed.
  15. DM51

    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    I'm going to leave this BS "update" uninstalled. Next time I buy a book, I'll use the app as previously, to see whether the old version still works. I'll report back if it still works as before - or has someone already tried it?
  16. DM51

    Do women take offense when you ask them out just right off the bat?

    Yet another idiotic thread from this OP... CLOSED Seriously. SP
  17. DM51

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    ... or by double-tapping one of them.
  18. DM51

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Well, "flat" rules out Dolly Parton, lol.
  19. DM51

    Want to use my IPAD in Italy

    It's useful to have offline maps installed on your iPad in case you can't get a 3G signal. There's an app called CityMaps2Go which is good - it costs $1.99, but that is a one-time payment and you then have free access to their entire database of 1,000s of cities worldwide - you can download as...
  20. DM51


  21. DM51

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Those are the ones (the home button is the round one, used more often).
  22. DM51

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    It's worth clearing them out every now and then. Also, whenever you notice an app acting up a bit and not behaving quite as normal, closing it and then reopening it only takes a few seconds and almost always solves the problem.
  23. DM51

    Intro post - hello!

    Yes you can - here is your intro! I moved your post here to start a new thread - mod magic, LOL. Actually, its no big deal, and you'll get the hang of it soon enough. Let me know if you have any questions. Welcome to IPF! :)
  24. DM51

    Forum Help and Questions

    4 posts with a query by mglazarito have been detached from this thread to form a new thread here.
  25. DM51

    iTunes accounts - please help!

    I'm going to detach these posts from the thread where you posted them, and put them in a separate (renamed) thread of their own in the Help section. I'm sure members will be able to assist you with this. :)
  26. DM51

    iTunes accounts - please help!

    What type of account are you talking about? Do you mean you have different accounts/usernames for this forum?
  27. DM51

    Installing Flash player

    If the thread appears fragmented, it is because a few posts have been removed for various Rule violations. 3 posts made in the thread by Gzoladz remain here to illustrate just one aspect of his disregard for the Rules of this board. 3 others, which included violations of Rules 3, 10 and 11...
  28. DM51

    Back Button on Browser?

    Wrong forum - topic not exclusively to do with iPad 2. Moving it to the Help section...
  29. DM51

    Is there a Skype app for the iPad?

    This is now the FOURTH time a thread has had to be merged into this one. Please would members note that posting the same thread/question more than once is counter-productive. It is also prohibited by Rule 4...
  30. DM51

    Safari - "page reload" issue

    That is an excellent link, and a very convincing demonstration. Does it mean the iPad 2 NEVER has this 'page reload' problem? If so, it's almost enough to persuade me to upgrade now, rather than wait for the iPad 3 next year...
  31. DM51

    Hiding apps (but not from me)

    You posted 2 identical threads on the same topic, in 2 separate forums. Please don't do that. It is prohibited by Rule 4. The threads have been merged.
  32. DM51

    Safari - "page reload" issue

    Good explanation, Tim. It's one of the most annoying things about Safari that it refreshes a page when you don't want it to. I have an iPad 1, and it does it the whole time. Is the problem slightly less on the iPad 2, with its extra memory?
  33. DM51

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    See the report in the News section.
  34. DM51

    I think I must be stupid

    Re the thread title, I don't think you've been stupid at all - you were sensible and careful! :)
  35. DM51

    Just found this site that gives iPad lessons for beginners

    Burley89... you came within a whisker of being banned for posting that advert, but I've looked at your other posts and I think you meant no mischief here. Please read the Rules, and be careful about what links you post.
  36. DM51

    How can I transfer PDF files from computer to iPad 2.

    Moving this to the Help section...
  37. DM51

    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Let's not turn this thread into a pointless argument about scratches on screens. If you wish to discuss such minor cosmetic issues, please start your own thread. Back on topic, please...
  38. DM51

    Maximum apps?

    How many apps do you have? Do you realise you can create more pages for the extra ones? All you have to do is "press and hold" on an app, wait until they all start wobbling, then drag one of them to the right hand edge of the screen. It will move on to a new page.
  39. DM51

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    The thread is mostly good-natured and useful, with constructive contributions from both sides of the JB divide. However, some argumentative off topic posts have had to be removed, and a couple more have required editing. I would like to point out to members that quite apart from the fact that...