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    Apple Digital AV Adapter

    double click the home button, at the bottom of the screen all the apps that are open show, slide your finger to the right and it will show controls for music and also a control for airplay, or mirror out, you need to set this to mirror out.
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    SlingPlayer Mobile on the New iPad is amazing...

    I am having the same great results. The picture looks amazing, even on non high def channels and with the LTE it streams like a dream with no stutter. It works so well I can watch the news on my home while driving. This is not good!!!!!
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    Applecare plus versus Squaretrade

    I went with AppleCare. Don't have to mail anything in. Apple is easy to deal with. And I did not like that square trade decreases your value with each repair. 99 is not too much for two years of complete protection. Wish they had the plus for the iPhone 4.
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    Not so invisashield......

    I second to wait a couple of days. Right now there is still some residual moisture under the shield. It will dry and cure to your screen and look great. I have had an invisishield on my screen since day one. You get used to the tacky feel and since you bought it at Bestbuy if the screen ever...
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    anybody else have this problem, I cannot add or delete any friends on we rule anymore. When I delete friends they just show up again. When I try to add friends they do not stay in my friends list or the app crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled as well with same results. I contacted the We...
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    iPad and college text books

    here is an article regarding textbooks on the IPAD, looks like many textbooks are ready to go. Blog Archive CourseSmart Puts Textbooks on iPad
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    Need friends for city story

    Sent invite to all of you except for Jokr3 it said it could not find your name
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    ipod to ipad photos

    Any way to transfer photos from an ipod, not touch, to the ipad? I can't get the photos off of the ipod to itunes. thanks
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    saving shsh ?

    Just Jailbroke my IPAD for the first time. I have read alot about saving the SHSH in case I need to reformat it or downgrade the firmware, or go back to the original apple firmware. I am assuming when I clicked on the Make my life easier button when I first started Cydia this saved this. Is...
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    Scratches in Invisible Shield

    I also think they are easy to scratch. I have already had two replaced due to scratches. All the scratches I recieved were from wiping it with a microfiber cloth I got from Walmart. Not sure if this was too rough for the shield, however I have now changed to an eyeglass cloth and no further...
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    Zagg Protective Covers

    If you have an extra $13 and just getting the front, or $29 and getting front and back have Best Buy place it on. No frustration and worry about hair and lint getting underneath it while applying, I know I was frustrated you would think I live in a pig pen with as much stuff that got under there...
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    slight scratches on the screen of my iPad?!?! ack!

    Zagg is a great investment. Letting Best Buy put the screen protector on for $12.99 was the best $13 I ever spent, took him like 5 minutes and it was perfect. Also if you buy the protector there, and have them put it on then all warranty replacements will go through Best Buy and they will place...
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    Bluetooth delay

    Tried to watch a movie on iPad with audio thru my ddx812 car stereo thru Bluetooth. There is a noticeable 3-4 second delay. No delay off Bluetooth. Is this just a limitation of Bluetooth. Or any way to fix it? Can't watch a movie thru car speakers with this delay. Thanks
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    Using the iPad in the car

    i just ordered this from amazon, it looks nice and has an elastic strap to attach to a headrest, might be just what you are looking for DMS Deluxe Leather Flip Book Jacket/Folio for Apple iPad 3G tablet/Wifi model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (Black can't post links yet
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    The unlimited data plans was a big reason I bought the 3g IPAD instead of a MiFi device with only the wifi ipad. This along with the flexibility of not having to have it every month was a huge selling point. This is all taken away now, I either have to keep the plan up every month or go to the...