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  1. fuzzyfelts

    Printing Numbers spreadsheet, landscape.

    Can anyone please help me to make a spreadsheet fit to page, in landscape, and then print, via AirPrint. I am having the devils own job and just going round and round in circles at the moment! Thanks! Sent from Wales.
  2. fuzzyfelts


    Anyone else wondering what Passbook is all about, does it even work in the UK? Seems to be yet another useless app palmed off on my by Apple that I am unable to use/delete! Sent from Wales, using my iPad & iPF.
  3. fuzzyfelts

    iOS 6

    How do other original iPad owners feel that the new iOS due out in September will not be supported on our units? Sent from Wales, using my iPad & iPF.
  4. fuzzyfelts

    5.1 and Podcasts

    Still bitterly disappointed that Apple have not addressed the download function in podcasts. I subscribe to several BBC podcasts and there is still no direct link to download further episodes. I still have to trawl through the iTunes store! I was really hoping that this problem would be...
  5. fuzzyfelts

    IOS 5.0.1 to be released to developers.

    Reading on Flipboard - original iPad owners will be getting multi-gestures in this up-date! I hope they are going to revert to a previous music player or fix the awful one they have landed us with causing problems with podcasts amongst other things. Sent from Wales, using my iPad & iPF.
  6. fuzzyfelts

    Podcast Update

    OK, so since update to iOS5, has anyone else worked out how you download new podcasts in a series, ie., I subscribe to The Archers and want to update podcasts on a daily basis - was easy before upgrade - now, I haven't a clue how to download direct to iPad, help........... Sent from Wales...
  7. fuzzyfelts


    Is anyone else having problems getting on to Farmville this morning on their iPad/iPhone? Access is fine from my desktop but iThingies just won't sign on. Sent from Wales, using my iPad & iPF.
  8. fuzzyfelts

    Help with CineXPlayer Please

    How do I remove, from the sync screen transfer list, a film that wont sync to the iPad, the film keeps closing iTunes down and is causing all sorts of problems. iPad one, not jailbroken. Thanks anyone???
  9. fuzzyfelts

    Hi - New Member

    Hello from me in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.