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  1. J

    Pasting an image into Pages?

    This may be a bug, but I have been unable to paste an image (from my Photostream) into a document I'm editing in Pages. I can copy the image file, then place the insertion point at the bottom of the last paragraph in the document, but when I press Paste, Pages ignores the insertion point I...
  2. J

    Shared calendar notifications

    I share a calendar between my iPad 2, my iPhone 4, and my wife's Macbook Pro iCal and her iPhone 4. For some reason, I am receiving notifications of her calendar additions/deletions/modifications on my iPad and iPhine, but she is not receiving anything from my own iPad or iPhone calendar event...
  3. J

    New member introduction

    I had had my iPad 2 for nine months before I really started using it. I have a stock iPad 2, stock iPhone 4, a Win7 machine with Outlook, and my wife has a MacBook Pro and Lion. I've been spending time learning about sharing information between all these platforms, really trying to push the...