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    The CrokCase - Made from eco-friendly crocodile leather!

    Comes in 8 amazing colors! Currently on sale for $64.95, but members get an exclusive 10% off by using promotional code: IPADFORUMS10OFF during checkout. Check out the product page by clicking on the following link:
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    Introducing the Red Carbon Fiber Case for the iPad 2

    Greetings members! This is our latest addition to our Carbon Fiber line of iPad 2 Cases. After many requests, we've finally released the Carbon Fiber case in RED. It is currently being sold for $47.99 on our website, but members get an exclusive 10% discount by...
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    So which is it? iPad 3 or New iPad?

    Which do you think will catch on? The "iPad 3" or "New iPad"?
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    best ipad 2 cases ?

    Which cases do you consider to be the best for the iPad 2? Those made of leather, polyurethane, or some other material?
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    The SideKick - more than just an iPad case!

    Hello to all members and guests! We'd like to introduce to your our latest addition to our iPad & iPad 2 cases: The SideKick Called "The SideKick" because of it's neat optional shoulder-strap that allows for carrying your iPad as well as your ID's, Credit Cards, Pens, and even...
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    CrokCase for iPad 2 (Crocodile Skin case)

    Hello and Happy New Year to all members! We'd like to introduce our CrokCase - A luxurious case made to look like Crocodile skin! We currently have it in 8 amazing colors with a limited supply: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Red, Wine Red, White Here are a few pictures of...
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    Where will you be celebrating New Years?

    I'll be celebrating my New Years in Orlando, Florida this year with family! How about you?
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    Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 2

    Hello and Seasons Greetings to members! We'd like to present you with our Carbon Fiber case for the iPad 2 and would love to hear your thoughts on this case. Do you have any suggestions for colors or the style? Post it here!
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    What are the accessories you use the most?

    Cases, skins, covers, bags, etc..
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    Just joined!

    Hey everyone, We at have just become Sponsors of - The Ultimate Apple iPad Site! We are hardcore Apple fans and look forward to establishing a presence here in the #1 iPad community in the world. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!
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    Exclusive Discount Codes for members

    Get 10% off your entire order with discount code: IPADFORUMS10OFF during checkout! Exclusive only to members. Also remember, members who place orders over $75 get a FREE IPAD DOCK! FREE SHIPPING!