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  1. J

    3G first month usage

    I'm at 3 days left on my first months usage and thought we should post our how much we've used the 3G. To date I'm showing - Sent: 8.3MB, Received: 153MB. Since I'm retired and home I rarely go off of wifi; home, Starbucks, motel, etc keeps me covered. I had signed up for the 250MB...
  2. J

    Looking for Messenger for iPad

    We're a big user of MS Messenger with the family so are looking for an iPad version. There is a Mac version and I did find a Messenger on the app store but it only seems to interact with one person at a time. Anybody run across anything?
  3. J

    email mailboxes

    While waiting for my 3G I've been researching a variety of things one of which is the number of mailboxes in Mail. My first gen iPhone only has 3 boxes; Inbox, Sent & Trash and no way to create any. Outlook on my PC that I sync with has a dozen different folders, some that I created uniquely...
  4. J

    Standard iPad apps vs. iPhone

    In comparing the standard apps on my iPhone to what's listed on the Features page on the Apple site I'm not seeing the following: Clock Stocks Weather Calculator Voice Memos It also doesn't have messages or camera which wouldn't apply to the ipad at this point. I don't use Voice Memos but do...
  5. J

    How can I load my DVD movies on to the iPad?

    I've got a number of DVD movies I'd like to load onto my iPad but can't see how to get them in. iTunes doesn't seem to be setup for that (yet) but you can load in audio CDs and tracks. Any thoughts?
  6. J

    3G & WiFi - default mode

    If I'm in a location where both 3G and WiFi are available, which one does the iPad default to for data and is it controllable? If I'm just surfing at home there's no reason to burn up 3G Mbytes on a limited plan when I can just use the WiFi. On my iPhone I can turn on the Airplane Mode but it...