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    iSwifter Questions

    Me, too. Just tried to write one on iSwifter but the page just refreshes and doesn't display anywhere to write. BTW, anyone have iSwifter? I just downloaded it from the App store cuz the YouTube vid I saw on it showed interfaces for both games and browser. When I downloaded it, it only gave me a...
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    Hated to see it go...

    Well, I bit the bullet and returned my 3G 16GB iPad today. Hated to do it but, for me, had no choice. I had major connectivity issues on no less than 5 networks, including WiFi spots, home, work and friends' houses. I took it to the Genius Bar 10 days in and they said there was nothing wrong...
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    Connectivity issues

    Last two days my iPad has been Suh-LOOOOO to connect, if at all. Both at home and at work. This morning I tried to connect to about 6 sites and never made it. I'm talking Google, MSN, YouTube, my firm's portal. Really frustrating! I get "Safari can't open because server has stopped responding."...
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    Cleaning the screen

    Apple says NOT to use any liquid cleaner on the screen, just a dry cloth. Don't know about you guys but my screen gets reeeally covered in finger prints! I tried using just a cloth for cleaning my glasses but it really did less than a stellar job. I saw in this sight's store some iKlenz...
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    Greetings from DC/VA

    Still waiting for my iPad w/3G (drumming fingers impatiently on the table). Also, a big " 'Allo" to the UK folks out there. :o I got the 3G version primarily so I can still be connected when I make my annual pilgrimages to the Midlands (read: no wifi).
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    Total Apple newbie

    Ok, ok - don't groan. I have a 2nd gen iPod, that's it. After about 30 yrs on PCs and only passing tinkerings on Macs, I ordered the 16G w/3G. Waiting and, after reading around here, waiting impatiently to get it. I'm hoping this will fill the gap for me between and iPhone and a netbook (neither...