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    Looking for an iPad friendly security camera

    My requirements are as follows: 1. Night vision 2. Compatible with outdoor enclosure 3. Wireless 4. Password to view 5. Viewable on computers and ipad 6. Normal security camera options like recording, snapshots per time interval, motion alert, etc. I have a buget of about $500. I'd prefer to...
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    What is the least sophisticated thing you use your iPad for?

    This is just a dumb Friday thread. We all know how powerful these devices are so what dumb little app do you use that flies in the face of this powerful tablet? I regularly use mine as a kitchen timer.
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    Do you find yourself throwing iPad parties?

    Just about everyone we know has an iPad now. The last 5 get-togethers with friends and family have inadvertently turned into iPad user groups. We play games, discuss tips and tricks, and review apps we have found... all unscripted. We take turns mirroring to the big screen to show examples...
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    How OCD are you about the battery level?

    My home has 6 different places to charge. I know some of you are care-free about letting it run down this thread is for the obsessed which I doubt I am the only one. Obviously nothing makes me happier than 100 percent. When I fall below 60 I find myself thinking about the battery more. Below...
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    So I will introduce myself now...

    My nic comes from a really old expression that can either mean full of nonsense or excellent quality. So you can continue to expect that my posts will be of the highest caliber of nonsense. I love a good-natured debate and there is nothing so ridiculous (other than religion or politics) that I...
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    Trying to run battery down

    Someone could write a whole book on the psychology of the battery percentage meter. It is funny how fast the battery seems to drain when it is inconvenient but when you want it to go down it seems to last forever. So here I am with brightness at 100 percent, all services enabled, streaming HD...
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    Sphero - The robotic ball

    It came in on Tuesday and I have had quite a bit of fun with it. Getting it lined up just right on the charger is a little hassle but driving it is very straightforward. I haven't used the golf app yet and the draw and drive requires a little getting used to because a small circle covers a...
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    Selling iPad, Anything I need to do special?

    I promise I searched because it seems like this would have been discussed. Anyway, I tranferred the data plan, put a backup on my computer, and wiped it. I am selling it to a family member so I am not worried about recovery tols being used. Is there anything else I should do or is there...
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    Ipad 3 won't complete syncing

    Using latest version of itunes on windows 7. I have tried wiping it and restoring but it starts to sync the apps and the highest it will go is 5 of 90. I wiped it because before this I was unable to sync photos or music. I am using a restore from my Ipad 2. No error messages, it simply stops...