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    Cleaning the Apple case

    I got a bit of duck sauce on my iPad case (black-Apple) during lunch at a Chinese restaurant, while passing around the iPad at the table. Anyone know how to clean the matte-like surface, without leaving a shiny spot? Help!
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    What do you use your iPad for?

    I'm still on the fence about buying an iPad because I want to make sure it is worth the money. I'm interested in hearing what use other people get out of it to see if it may spark some more ideas about what I can do with it. Thanks!
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    WOW on iPad?

    I heard that someone have suceeded in playing WOW on iPad with cloud tech. It is really cool, isnt it?
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    10 best iPad games we can't wait to play

    Recently, a new report from Flurry Analytics shows that Apple's iPad seen as next great portable video game device. Developers are now gearing up to unleash their wares on Apple's iPad. Indeed, with the iPad's larger touchscreen, and the manner in which it's held and interacted with being very...
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    3G Battery Life !?

    I know I have been "overusing" my iPad 3G after fedex delivering it yesterday. It did only get about 5 good hours of charge last night, but when I woke up today it was 100% charged. Been playing games for about 4 hours today. Battery is at 38%, does this seem normal? How is everyone else faring...
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    A Collection of Current iPad Transfers

    iPad is a great tool to kill the empty time pleasantly when you are going to have a long plane journey or a business meeting alone. The big screen size will enable you to Browse websites, read ebooks, play games, watching movies and music videos more clearly. And the light weight make it more...
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    Top 10 iPad Free Apps Available

    This is top 10 iPad free apps available in the App Store. You might want to go through those before deciding to start purchasing your first iPad-only paid apps. As I said in an earlier post, once you have paid the $499 for the entry-level iPad, shopping will not stop there as you will end up...