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    Does x mail in task bar stop push email?

    As title says. I have tried to find answer in manual but can't. If I close mail via the recent app task bar does it turn it off and stop emails being pushed to iPad, or more accurately stop iPad receiving new emails?
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    Meta data on movies

    I have searched and googles for two days and can't find the answer, or anyone else that is bothered:) I have added DVDs to iPad and I have now found that HD movie posters are best looking but I cannot for the life of me see how to add information such as actor/director to a movie so that it...
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    Video covers

    Hi, my own dvd's ripped with Handbrake look fantastic - BUT the cover art looks shocking. Anyone know the best resolution to use for cover and where to get it from?
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    UK iTunes now with iPad and iBooks

    As title says for other UK residents waiting for Friday ( or pos Thursday) iTunes now fully iPadded up.:D
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    Simple 'Videos' (movies) question

    10 days to go .... I have been searching for this answer and reading lots of threads about converting movies etc But my question is this. When i copy over movies i have encoded how do they act on the iPad? Do they appear with covers and then spin to reveal all the information and...
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    Another Case thread !

    I know there are plenty on here but tomorrow is the day:D UK pre order... What i am after is a case similar in style to the official Ipad case that will accept an Ipad in a Gel Skin (as sold by a supplier here). I like the apple case for protection and travel but would prefer to use the...
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    iPad apps live on UK iTunes store

    In case anyone else in UK missed this iPad specific apps are now available on uk iTunes store. I have started purchasing in anticipation. Closest i can get to being involved at the moment:(
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    ? Case similar to Apples that will take iPad in gel sleeve

    Anyone know of a product that works like Apples case but will take an iPad in a gel case. I really prefer to use my devices in a skin but would also like to be able to transport or display with screen protection? Does that make any sense?
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    Hello from Cardiff - Wales

    Hi everyone, have been lurking on forum since it was set up and joined several days ago. Getting really frustrated here in the Ipad free zone. Hoped today may have been the start of pre orders but nope - still waiting. Forum seems to be very positive in its outlook and helpful:)