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  1. AvaMoore

    iPad apps opening in X1 format, any ideas?

    Some of my apps, which are made for iPad, such as Twitter, are opening in small screen, like those made for iPhone. They aren't iPhone apps though, and the view is wrong. Not sure what's happened really. Jailbreak issue? Or iPad issue? :S Thanks in advance
  2. AvaMoore

    Theme Icons Missing

    I'm sure there is already several threads about this, but I can't seem to find them. I'm having issues with missing themed icons on IOS 6. I've managed to sort some of them out by changing the themes file names etc... But I can't seem to find the other ones and some of them just aren't there...
  3. AvaMoore

    None Cydia Apps Crashing

    Well, I got my iPad 2 jailbroken on ios 6.1 today and for some reason half the apps which were previously installed keep crashing. i have re-installed them a few times, but they just open and then crash almost immediately. Is this a localized problem? or is everyone else having the same issue...
  4. AvaMoore

    Tricking websites regarding screen resolution

    was wondering if there was any way to trick a site into thinking the screen resolution of the iPad is higher than it actually is. I have a form to fill out online but the website says my screen resolution is too low and I need to change my settings or use a different computer. I have no other...
  5. AvaMoore

    Twitter App Backgrounds

    Me again :S I'm slowly customising my entire iPad, I just wanted to know some advice about customising the background of the Twitter app. I've seen it done on some themes, want to know the best way to go about it, which files I need to change and the dimensions of the images. Hope you can help...
  6. AvaMoore


    This is the second of my recommended themes for IOS 5 iPads. This theme, again is nearly complete. The sleek looking darkened icons make the live wallpaper segment really stand out. The main draw back of the live wallpaper, is the portrait view, which this theme offers, both on the lock screen...
  7. AvaMoore

    Blueipad V2 with IOS 5 add-on

    I have been trolling through cydia and repo's searching for IOS 5 ipad themes and I have found some pretty nice complete themes. The first theme I found was pointed out by another member of the forum; Blueipad V2, which now comes with an IOS 5 add-on to combat the icon issues with the IOS 4...
  8. AvaMoore

    IOS 5 Themes

    I wasn't really sure where to put this, but I've been browsing for hours and can't find them all in one place. Since updating my iPad 2 to IOS 5.1.1 I'm really struggling to find any themes which are complete. Icon issues, other bugs; most of the themes in Cydia are really out of date. Do any...
  9. AvaMoore

    Nothing will install in Cydia

    I'm not sure what has happened since this morning and last night, but nothing will install in Cydia. Everything was working fine until today. I tried to install a few different things, the little dos style window pops up, it says "running" as normal, then nothing happens. I have to then cancel...
  10. AvaMoore

    iTunes purchases won't play!

    I'm having a little trouble getting purchases made on my iPad to actually work. I downloaded an episode of a serious I watch and a couple of songs from iTunes and none of them will play. All the music I have stored on my iPad plays, just not these recent purchases. The purchases are available...
  11. AvaMoore

    Vidoes won't play

    Hi guys, having a problem with videos playing on my iPad. I can play videos on YouTube and even ones I have downloaded from yourtube. I purchased an episode of Battlestar from iTunes and it downloaded the file. I can see the file in the apple video app but there is no cover on it and it won't...
  12. AvaMoore

    Gremlin2 issues!

    Hi guys, Got gremlin2 tweak so I could put my music into my iPod app and for some reason I now have several duplicates which I can't seem to delete. Also the music won't play. It worked great at first and did exactly as it was supposed to, adding tracks into the iPod app. After a few times the...
  13. AvaMoore

    Manually adding album art to ipod app?

    I'm a bit of a neat freak and I want my music on my iPad to look as pretty as my new sleek theme. I have several songs on my iPad which iTunes cannot find artwork for and they look grey and horrible. I want to know if there is any tricks or methods to adding artwork myself. I have tried placing...
  14. AvaMoore

    File management?

    I'm a little new to the world of iPad and how it works but after jail breaking I figured I would be able to transfer files about in much the same way you can on your pc. My problem is, forgive me for being noobish, I have music from college, self recorded music of me singing and it's sitting in...
  15. AvaMoore

    Videos and Java

    Hi, I'm pretty new to the iPad scene and I wanted to know if there are any sites or apps which will allow me to stream videos. Most of the sites out there use flash, which means us iPad folks can't watch a darn thing online. I have videobrowser which allows me to watch megavideos, it has several...