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  1. K

    Xlr microphones

    Camera connector kit + Griffin iMic + XLR to phono adapter will let you hook up any regular dynamic mic.
  2. K

    A simple question to start with, thanks...

    One Track Mind by Benjamin Pung is what you are looking for!
  3. K

    Best hookup for recording Acoustic?

    The Griffin iMic should do it but you'll also need the Cmera Connection Kit. Check out what this person was doing
  4. K

    Mic stand mount for iPad?

    The Konig & Meyer 19710 Apple iPad Mic stand looks pretty good, to screw on the end of a mic stand ~ $45 rec retail but cheaper still on eBay
  5. K

    which wireless system to play music

    +1 Apple TV and the Remote App for streaming and music and and we spend hours trolling Youtube for music clips by artist. [Edit] Our home was in the path of Cat 5 tropical cyclone Yasi this February and its fair to say that our roof was not up to the 290 kph wind. Old news now and we're moving...
  6. K

    Non tech/non interested spouse

    Chocolate, champagne, or red wine, out for dinner, and a movie, works for me, what was the question? Yeah, buy her an iPad of her own!
  7. K

    I'm so old, my first computer was a DEC-310...

    My father bought himself an iPad for his 88th birthday, I wonder if he'll get the i.2 for his 89th?
  8. K

    iKlip mic stand mount mini review

    Thanks for that review. I was seriously looking at the iKlip stand as an option. I was tossing up between that that the Griffin mic stand adapter. Looks like I'll go with the Griffin seeing as it can be mounted on the end of albeit an extra boom mic stand. The beauty of being on the end of a...
  9. K

    External mic for iPad2...

    With the Griffin iMic you can plug in any old mic but you would need adapters if your ext mic has XLR connectors.
  10. K

    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    G'day from FNQ Australia! G'day iPad fans, You can find me at Mission Beach in tropical far northern Queensland, Australia. If that place sounds familiar, its because we made the news in February as the place where Cat 5 Cyclone Yasi made landfall. Yikes! We hung out waiting for i.2 to come...