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    Cydia finding an app help please

    Hi, My iPad is now jailbroken. I have installed Cydia and now I want to buy the application ibluever. I have looked in the freebie bit and in the store where the apps are listed but I can't find it. Is there any way to search for it in Cydia? If not can someone please direct me as to how to...
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    Trying to look at the limeraIn website but ....

    when I go to I get a page with the green raindrop. Underneath that are the windows and Mac symbols and beneath that A paypal for donations. The only thing that works is Paypal, the rest just open the image in a larger size. Any suggestions?
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    software version 3.2 which jailbreak?

    Hi, I haven't updated my iPad software since I bought it so i have version 3.2, which is the best jailbreak to use? TIA, Louise
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    Am I the only one sad enough .....

    I have left the plastic protective cover it came wrapped in intact until I can buy a screen protector. I think my husband thinks I am sad but I don't want either fingerprint marks or scratches!
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    New and stuck with itunes and shuffle

    I have the latest iTunes on my computer and I connected my iPad to the computer as per the instructions. How do I set up my existing account on iTunes so that I can already view the music I have downloaded? Ie make it available on my iPad. Also the iPad doesn't have a USB so how do I connect...
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    Should be shipping soon = preorder

    When I pre-ordered my iPad it says delivers by 28 May which is Friday. I would have expected it to have started shipping by now as the software I ordered at the same tim took a week to get here. If it is shipped from Hong Kong can someone who already had it delivered tell me how long it takes...
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    When I pre-ordered (in Canada) it said delivers by 28 May. Until last night it said ships by 7 June. Now it says ships June - so it looks like the date is going to be moved out again. I think it will be quite a while before the stores start being able to get hold of these to sell.
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    Newbie from Canada

    Hi, I'm new to this site. I have pre-ordered a iPad 64GB Wi-fi that is supposed to be delivered by 28 May (as per an e-mail apple sent me). I am hoping that I will get help on this site with relation to setting up my iPad when it arrives, screen protectors and cases. Any advice that anyone...