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    Mute or Rotation Lock?

    With iOS 4.3 we now have the choice to either set our iPad's switch that was originally a rotation lock, and then became a mute switch, to the one we prefer. Which will it be for you?
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    Blackhawks Win the Stanley Cup!

    Can you tell I'm originally from Chicago? The NHL has a nice app, too. Looking forward to what they do next season with it.
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    How Full is your iPad?

    I'm hovering about 1/2 full. How about you. How much of your "space" have you used up so far? Just pick the closest answer -- no need to measure or do any math.
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    Hello from Northern California

    Hi everyone! I'm Gail. I ordered my iPad on April 28 and received it on May 7. It is the 3G, 64GB model. I have the Apple case for it and the camera adapters. I also bought the Timbuk2 Freestyle Netbook / iPad Messenger to carry my iPad as well as the rest of my stuff. I'm not worried...