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    Visual Music Apps

    Hello guys. I would like to enjoy music, but there's just this one little problem: I can't hear. I know I've seen Windows Media Player that can play music visually through various Visualizations in the options menu - I want something similar to that for my iPad so I can "listen" to music...
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    App Store Not Downloading Apps or Updates

    App Store Not Downloading Purchased Apps or Updates I seem to have encountered a problem with the App Store. For some reason, whenever I try to download an app or an update to an app, the App Store would ask me to sign in - even though I'm already signed in prior. When I sign in, a...
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    DisplayRecorder Woes

    I have a problem. But before I get to that, what I generally do is record playthroughs of various video games and upload it to my YouTube account. I wanted to do a Mega Jump playthrough, so I used the DisplayRecorder tweak to record a video. However, the file size is a little under 2 GB. I...
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    Issues with Saving Photos

    I love browsing through photos on the internet, mainly on Pinterest, and saving them to my computer and then eventually syncing it to my iPad 2 so I can take them with me on the go as well. However, I have a problem. When I browse through photos on my iPad 2, for some reason when I try to...
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    Problems using CrashReporter

    Whenever I install Shrink on my iPad 2 5.1.1, my iPad crashes into safe mode EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and I have no idea what is causing it. I installed the CrashReporter app and sent the #crashlog to Phoenix, but he told me that the #crashlog is no good and he needs the #syslog. However, all the...
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    Any Romaji > English Translation Apps?

    As of late I am practicing translating Hiragana/Katakana to English, but I have run into a problem. To actually translate from Hiragana/Katakana to English, you need to convert Hiragana/Katakana to Romaji and then English. To get from English to Hiragana/Katakana, you need to convert English...
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    Palettes from Photographs App - Where Art Thou?

    I am a graphic designer by nature, and I'd like to have an app that can take photographs and analyzes them to give you a palette you can export into Adobe Photoshop, or at least give you the hex code and HSV numbers that you can export to e-mail or DropBox. I have checked several apps but...
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    What's a Good Video Player App?

    Photos allows you to put photos in categories. iBooks allows you to put books into categories. That way you can easily find the photo or book you need. However, Videos doesn't. All I can do is export very limited videos into it (it doesn't even play AVI or MKV files, for gwad's sake) and you...
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    Does Updating your iPad 2 mess up Jailbreaking?

    Yesterday afternoon I decided to try jailbreaking my iPad 2. I followed the instructions through various YouTube videos I was able to jailbreak it just fine. I managed to customize (GridLock, Bigify+, Masks, etc) it just fine last night as well - and I was really proud with what I made...