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  1. J

    iPad 3 drops Wi-fi and refuses to reconnect

    Thats quite true. Sorry missed that out
  2. J

    Are you going to buy the ipad pro 10.5 inch?

    IPad pro 10.5 recently got quite popular in Singapore with quite a number purchasing it.
  3. J

    iPad 3 drops Wi-fi and refuses to reconnect

    Could it be a motherboard problem related to the wifi ic on the iPad motherboard? Have you considered that
  4. J

    iPad 2 not charging when battery goes below 10%

    It could be the U2 Ic of the iPad. U2 ic problem usually shows when the battery drains totally and after charging it up, it does not go up. It is repairable by a skilled motherboard technician. iPad 2/3 U2 IC
  5. J

    Bad Habit?

    Switching off your iPad should not be too big a problem. Don't see that as a bad habit lol