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    Folders for the Kindle app?

    I did a search - I can't believe I'm the only one with the problem - but couldn't find anything, so I have to ask (sorry!). Most of my eBooks come from Amazon. I had a Kindle prior to my iPad, so I have quite a few (nearly 300) books. Sorting them by Title or by Author gets a bit tedious with...
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    Deleting files from iPad?

    I have been checking out various DVD converters, and the only way to see if/how they would play on iPad was to load them into iTunes and sync. Well, that left me with a bunch of trash until I found the one I wanted. I deleted the unwanted movies from iTunes; I've deleted the files from my...
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    WiFi connectivity: WEP vs WAP (and neither works)

    First off, the only WiFi I have is Verizon FIOS. I have it at home, at work, and at my boss's house. I haven't tried hotspots, so I'm not sure how that reacts. The problem is the iPad won't remember the password for the WiFi. Worse, now it won't even connect. Originally, the router was set up...
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    Converted DVDs and iTunes Movies

    I'm still in my (apparent) never-ending search for a simple conversion, straight from DVD to iTunes. Some of the programs I've tried do a real decent job of getting a movie fit for iPod or iTouch, but they don't do so well on iPad's larger screen. I tried converting into an Apple TV format -...
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    "All the world's websites in your hands"

    What happened to truth in advertising? Of course, technically they didn't say you could VIEW "all the world's websites" ... What's Apple's beef with Adobe about Flash? They've come to terms with .pdf files, why not Flash? Do you know how many sites I've gone to that fail to load because Flash...
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    Greetings from Land O Lakes, FL!

    I ordered 4 of the 64 gig 3G iPads today. I feel like I'm WAY out of my league, and I'm looking to you guys to help keep me from looking too stupid. Why 4? Well, I work for a company that's getting ready to spend a lot of time in Haiti. One of 'em is for my Fearless Leader, one is for Fearless...