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    Timezone change in edit mode

    I've searched or this issue and it seems people have a variation of my problem but not exactly. Problem: I have a agenda item set for a certain time. In the general calendar view it's correct but when I want to edit it, it show up with time adjusted for GMT (I'm in the Pacific time zone) this...
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    Mini problem with IPF app

    Is anyone else having a problem posting messages on IPF using the iPad Mini? I was able to make one post this afternoon but cannot post anything using the app. This post is being doing thru accessing the forum thru the Safari browser.
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    Just got it!

    Just received my iPad mini! Got it resorting everything from the iCloud. Initial impressions: It's soooo light Screen looks fine. Very sharp Touch screen initially seemed to give a little when I tap it. I didn't like the feel since it felt it would give if I pressed too hard. Getting used to...
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    Icloud and iPad

    I thought when iCloud came out it would allow me to store everything in the cloud and only keep the things you need on your iPhone and iPad. This would let you have a device with smaller storage because you could always get something if you had access to the iCloud. Right now iCloud only seems...
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    Itunes management

    Not sure where to post this but here goes. I have upgraded both my iPhone and iPad to IO5 and I think I established the iTunes on my MacPro Windows and Mac side. So what I had envisioned is that my master iTunes will exists on iCloud and that I will be able to link to it with my different...
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    iPad2 features for iPad

    Just wondering if there is any chance that any of the new features in the upcoming iPad2 will be made available for the current iPad. For instance, if iPad2 has support for a SD card then will we be able to access the SD card with the camera connection kit and get more than pictures? And for...
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    Nova2 Problem

    I have a problem with Nova 2. I downloaded it and when I try to run it, it crashes and kicks me out. The initial video will run and then it says it's loading.... Boom! I'm out. I tried deleting it and re-installing. I figured maybe I had too many apps open so I turn off the iPad and restarted...
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    Should Apple reconsider 7 inch?

    First, I want to say that I agree with Steve Jobs that the 7 inch is too small to have the same user experience as the current iPad. That being said I am looking at Samsung's claims of selling 1,000,000 Tabs already. In trying to analyze the buy decision of their customers, I have to say it...
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    Restore Disappointment

    Well in the process of upgrading to 4.2 I had to do the following: Painfully wait through 8 hours of backing up the iPad During the upgrade process it looked like the process was hung up and I pulled and recoonectednthe USB cable. By doing this I had to restore the iPad. No worries right...
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    Galaxy Tab Review

    Okay. It's hard not to say this will be a completely unbiased review of the Galaxy Tab since I'm a quite happy iPad owner. But here goes. I went down to the T-Mobile store on a Sunday morning and planted myself down with the store demo they had out. It was great since I was the only customer...
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    My wifi connection averages around 3.5 to 4.5 Mbps. When I watch videos on Youtube they are constantly stopping and I have to press the play button to make them continue. Is this normal?