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    iPad Users Win A Giveaway Valued at $40

    I hope the forum owners don't mind me posting this. I'm really not trying to spam, this is a 100% legit giveaway for one lucky winner and I just figured you'd like this sort of thing for your members! We've teamed up with Golden Frog to giveaway a two month top tier plan for their VyprVPN...
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    woops dropped my iPad on cement

    was out on the front porch last night and while a friend of mine was handing my iPad back to me I accidentally dropped it several feet down on hard cement, oooops! I thought there would be a good chance of damage but turns out there was just a tiny scratch on the lower left corner, thank...
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    iTunes app promo codes in Canada. When?

    Why are promo codes for iPhone & iPad apps only redeemable for people in US?? I wish Apple would start allowing them for Canada as well as other countries, I don't understand what the big deal is?? Anyone here know if or when this might become the case?
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    How To Make Money With Your iPad

    iPad's continue to fly off store shelves as quickly as Apple can produce them. How can you profit from this new market? It's easier than you might think, see full article below. How To Make Money With Your iPad - Full Article
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    One Step Forward And Two Steps Back For iPad

    Farmville has arrived for the iPad. After only 48 hours in the iTunes app store there are already more than 7,800 ratings! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I can just see it now, years from today the psychiatric hospitals will be filled with patients who repeat "crops and cows" 10,000...
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    iZones Time Zone App For iPad

    A great new app called iZones has recently been released, only a few days ago, you're going to love it! Full iPad News Article Here
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    iPad Apps For Fathers Day

    If you’re wondering what to get your Dad this year for Father’s Day how about a few iPad apps? With Fathers Day just around the corner we figured it might help to compile a short list of apps a father would enjoy. iPad Apps For Fathers Day - Full Article enjoy!
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    Dell Gears Up To Rival iPad With Streak

    Some claim that the Dell Streak is more like a smartphone not a tablet computer and that it doesn't stand a chance against the Apple iPad. Dell believes their new Streak is more like a tablet PC that will double as a mobile phone and are aiming towards gaining some of the market which is...
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    Stream Movies From Your PC To iPad

    If you want to enjoy viewing movies on your iPad yet still manage to save as much hard drive space as possible then Air Video is an easy to use and affordable solution. Why waste storage space if you don't have to? With this app you can stream movies either from an online or local PC. Full...
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    Steve Jobs For President

    Bill Maher mentioned why he believes Steve Jobs would do a far better job of running the country than Obama. On many levels I have to agree. Full Article Here what do you guys think?
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    iPad A Great Tool For Any DJ

    No matter what type of music you're into, whether it be house, dub-step, hip-hop, drum-n-bass, you name it, the iPad makes mixing and creating new tunes more fun, practical and convenient than ever. iPad DJ full article
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    does anyone know of some iPad toplist sites?

    Does anyone here know of any toplist sites specifically for the iPad? Thanks in advance!
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    BookArc Stand For iPad

    Check out the new BookArc tabletop stand for the iPad created by Twelve South. It’s affordable, flexible and has quite an attractive design. This hot new accessory makes using and viewing your iPad easy and comfortable. Full article: BookArc Stand For iPad
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    iPad App Developers More Optimistic Than Ever

    Apple iPad sales continue to surge which is having a domino effect and creating a world of possibilities for app developers. According to Chitika Labs over 1 million iPad units have already been sold. That number is quite impressive considering the new device has only been on the market for a...
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    my personal iPad 2 week review

    So it's been 2 weeks since the iPad was released to the public. What are your thoughts so far? Is the iPad everything you expected it to be, more, less? I'd love to hear what your personal opinions are so far! Here's what I have to say in my 2 week review Apple iPad Week 2 Review
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    Alice In Wonderland for iPad

    Anyone checked this out yet? looks pretty cool, a unique pop-up style book for the iPad, definitely going to change things and give the kindle even more competition Atomic Antelope Ltd.| Alice for the iPad what are your thoughts?
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    Hello from Montreal

    Hello everyone, nice looking forum you have here!! I just found it through a link on twitter. I'm from the Montreal area, I look forward to being part of this community!